Tuesday, June 15, 2010

May Time=Baseball Time

I traveled to (supposedly) sunny Southern California to tend grandkids the end of May. It turned out to be quite chilly a good deal of the time.

We played baseball in the street with neighbors (above)

We played baseball in the backyard with each other.....
And Braeden played baseball at the ball park with his team--Go Team! Above and below is Braeden in helmet on First Base.
A nice shot of the fence, no? But that is Braeden (I think).

After a day of Baseball and playing and playing and Baseball, and reading and eating, and sometimes swimming at the pool--when it was slightly warmer-- bedtime turned out to be MY favorite time of the day ;-)
One down (sort of--she's in MY bed!)...
Two down. One to go....

Three! All snuggled into their proper night time sleep spots. Most of the time they stayed there, too! Surprise!
I took time one afternoon to have lunch with my cousin, Suz. Below is Braeden and Ella playing together on a video game at McDonalds.

Another highlight of the week was that the butterflies that Lexi was hatching came out ! That was kind of exciting for me. There is one on Lexi's finger. They were to let them go free after I went home, so I'm looking forward to seeing pictures on THEIR blog of that! But we got to feed them sugar water daily, so that was fun.
One of them escaped while we had the door of their cage opened! But we caught it and put it safely back in their cage.
The purpose of my visit was to tend kids so Mom and Dad could take a little vacation to Hawaii. When they came home, they brought treats for everyone! Below is Braeden with his Tiki
A book on speaking Hawaiian, a ukulele, a swimsuit sarong. I got Yellow Ginger to plant:-)
Happy Ella in her new hula skirt get-up. You should have seen her swish that grass skirt! I have a movie of it (with accompaniment by Braeden on the Ukulele), but I don't know how to download it to the blog.