Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Navajo Lake

June 29, 2009. We went with Tandy and her Mom, Lexi, Braeden, Ella, Gail and Caroline AND Jonathan in his first outing to a lake, Mike, Mike's Mom, Eric and me. We went fishing at the lake. It was great fun, although no fish were caught. There were a couple of bites.

But it was just so pretty up there that it made up for the lack of fish. The weather could not have been any nicer. Really. It was GORGEOUS, as you shall see from the photos I shall post. We fished, we played in the campground/picnic area, we ate a lovely dinner, we roasted marshmallows and made smores. Once the sun went down, Berenice headed to the car to sit where it was warmer, as did baby Jonathan (he was sleeping), and Ella with Grandma Pam in their car. Oh, and Eric built some sort of rock ediface on the shores of Navajo lake.

By the way,

ERIC Graduated! Yes, back in May. I suppose some of you may have received some sort of announcement concerning this happy day, and here are some more pictures to prove it.

He only wore the Mickey Mouse ears after the ceremony (whew!)

Walking through the "C" to receive his diploma. It's blurry. All of them were. Sorry. I should use a tripod, I suppose. ;-)

Eric Sang a solo. I couldn't quite get a good shot of it, but ran over AFTER it was over. You can see him in there. Sort of. It's also the first picture in the blog. He's standing at the microphone in front of the choir. It sounded VERY nice.

Here are some of his fans. It was just me, Mike and his mom. And a friend, Larry, who was there to see many of his former sign-language students receive their diplomas. Gail was in the hospital with her new baby, I think Nick was out of town, and every one else lives far away, so that was it. Not much of a party for Eric. But he made his own.

Here's his friend, Becca

and "Red," and there were many more pictures taken with friends, but I don't have time nor energy to post ALL of them. Plus, I can't remember all their names. (Sorry, Eric).

Dad and Larry are trying to find us in the crowd. I don't even know where Grandma was!

And here's a favorite teacher, Mrs. Christensen. I actually see her quite frequently at water aerobics. Nice lady and Eric is on her Wall of Fame in her office. He really enjoyed her classes

Congratulations, Eric!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The BABY Blog

I just spent 10 days in Richfield with Gail, Seth, Caroline and Baby Jonathan. It was a flurry of B’s. . . .

A Bouncing Baby Boy, with Beautiful Blue eyes. He weighed 8 pounds, 1 oz at Birth, But is still trying to get Back up to his Birth weight this week.

Bilirubin counts galore. It seems Jonathan had a little jaundice in the hospital, was treated with lights for a day, the counts went down, so we all went home on Saturday the 23rd to Richfield. But, he got a lot yellower, so Gail took him in for a check at a local clinic, who ordered

Blood tests at the hospital. So we went there for four days in a row because the counts were Back up. WAY up. He looked a little pumpkin-colored there for a while. Poor little Jonathan and his Bruised and pricked heels. It was hard to find an available spot to draw Blood from! And jaundiced Babies are very sleepy and lethargic.

Borrowed Bassinett—it rocks! Literally. It’s very nice that way, and quite soothing.

Belly Buttons—ah, newborns! Such an adventure. And do you know that things have changed in “what you’re supposed to do about______ ” in just the 7 years since Gail had Caroline?! I thought it was just different from one generation to the next, but no. Just a few years makes a big difference in the” how to” department for Baby care. Amazing.



Breast pumps, Breast milk, Bottles with rich cream on top in the fridge. Feed that Baby and make him grow! It’s such an effort for these Babies sometimes. I think if I would have Been Back in to see Doctors with mine before 2 weeks as Gail has Been, I would have Been told to supplement, etc. I had poorly fed babies, very FUSSY Babies, But was too dumb to really know It. But they survived OK.

And the adventure has Begun! Caroline is a Big helper, wants to help with everything, hold him lots, and carts around her own little doll that is about the same size as her Baby Brother. She dresses it, puts it in the stroller, lays it out on a

Blankie on the floor next to Jonathan. It looks like twins at first glance! ha.

And one more thing was a Belated Birthday cake Baked for Gail. Her 30th Birthday kind of got skipped in all the “hurry up and wait while on Bed rest” with Jonathan.