Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Navajo Lake

June 29, 2009. We went with Tandy and her Mom, Lexi, Braeden, Ella, Gail and Caroline AND Jonathan in his first outing to a lake, Mike, Mike's Mom, Eric and me. We went fishing at the lake. It was great fun, although no fish were caught. There were a couple of bites.

But it was just so pretty up there that it made up for the lack of fish. The weather could not have been any nicer. Really. It was GORGEOUS, as you shall see from the photos I shall post. We fished, we played in the campground/picnic area, we ate a lovely dinner, we roasted marshmallows and made smores. Once the sun went down, Berenice headed to the car to sit where it was warmer, as did baby Jonathan (he was sleeping), and Ella with Grandma Pam in their car. Oh, and Eric built some sort of rock ediface on the shores of Navajo lake.

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