Friday, May 23, 2014

Garden: Before

I think I'll use this as the "Before" picture of the garden this year. I have great plans for this spot!  No long vacations planned, time off each Wednesday for watering, a new sprinkler.  We may not have any water...that may prove problematic, but time will tell.  I hope to be able to keep all the weeds (well, most of them) under control this summer.

And please note the very straight row.  Thank you, Dad!  All those years of hoeing in the Texas garden paid off. I don't need any stakes and strings to get a row in. ;-)
I never knew that cabbage (young ones, with just a few leaves on them) would survive being under a foot of snow, but they did.  That one very low branch hanging over the wall on the right is a broken apricot limb. I sawed that off and hauled it away.  THAT back yard is a mess. We haven't been back there, but I'm sure there are way more broken branches that need to be cared for.  That snow. Wow. It really took a toll on the trees.  The University is STILL hauling away branches and trimming up poor, sad, broken trees.   Mr. Flanigan (the original tree-planter guy) is probably turning over in his grave at all the broken trees.

Now to get the block wall completed between the lawn and garden....

More to come in the weeks and months ahead!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Peony and Iris

Amazingly, they survived the snow.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Foodies, Part 3

Just how obsessed with food AM I, anyway??!! (Please don't answer that.)

I just keep finding these books.  I suppose there really are shelves full.  I started the one on drinking water today at lunch. I think I will finish it.