Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SUNDAY DINNER From the Garden

I just wanted to share a garden-related story about our Sunday Dinner the other day.

We have grown some spaghetti squash in our garden and a few of them were quite big and quite yellow, so we picked and cooked them. Then, we had a lot of tomatoes, so we cooked them, along with some peppers from the garden, and some onions (not from our garden, but from someone elses' in Iron County--they were from the Fair and Berenice gave them to me). We simmered that with some herbs (from the garden) and a zuchinni thrown in for good measure. From the garden. I also browned some sausage and we added that to the sauce. The pig was not from the garden, of course. That made a delicious sauce to go over the cooked spaghetti squash.
For our side dish, I sauteed some lovely yellow squash (from the garden) with some onion and a little more pepper from the garden. That was yummy. Then we also had some fresh corn on the cob from a friend's house which was ALSO very good. Never mind that both side dishes happened to be yellow. That's OK! We also had a little green with some sliced cucumbers from the garden. So the pretty, red tomato marinara sauce with the other fresh veggies made for a loverly Sunday Dinner and we REALLY enjoyed it! Mmmmmm.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

August 2008

The family, minus one.

Pride and Prejudice

This month's Book Group selection (by our own Gail) is Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Any thoughts you'd like to share on this novel?

The Bellagio

When Eric and I went to Las Vegas to drop Katie and Hayden off at the Airport, we decided to stop at the Bellagio and see what they had on display in their atrium. It was fun stuff. I'll just post a few pictures. There's a train that actually blew out smoke; lots of miniature trains that ran all over; Americana-type features; a fun jumping waters fountain, the likes of which I've never seen; a covered bridge whose roof was made of dried mushrooms.
There are pictures. YOU can figure them out. I'm doing my best to just get them posted!

Hayden's First Flight

This isn't exactly a picture of Hayden's first flight, but it IS a picture of Katie being so brave to travel all alone with an infant. She said he did really well and never made a peep! Thanks to Alisa for loaning us the baby carrier--it was a big help!

Cute little family. It's hard to get everyone smiling and looking at once.

I like blogging with photos. The only problem is, photos do not like blogging with me! I'm too impatient. Each of these take more than 30 seconds to load. Remember when we used to have to wait WEEKS to get a photo developed????!! And we just got used to it and expected nothing less. Ah, time. How things have changed. (I think the resolution is set fairly high on my camera, but I'm not going to go changing it.)

Here's a picture taken last month of a nice day's harvest from our garden. And the resulting "bean snapping" party. This was while Katie was still here in August. Note how happy Eric is to be there--NOT! He's not much of a morning person.