Monday, March 19, 2018

Sunday, March 18, 2018. Nick & Kaylee and kids

Sunday Evening Arrival--to our 8 inches of new snow! They got here in the evening, leaving SLC after their church meetings were over. Roads were clear and kids were good.
(This photo was taken at church, between classes.)

Blowing Bubbles at the Kitchen Table

Kaylee loves Marbleworks

And so do the kids.

Big roll of green paper being used as an art canvas. Kaylee did an outline of Rachel and Logan.

Piano time!
I guess Nick AND Kaylee like Marbleworks. ;-)
And Logan is quite serious about his music.

Monday, they went hiking in Red Cliffs. I should have gone with them...I went to work . How dumb is that?!  Blue Skies, cute kids and grandkids...Red Rocks and lizards.  Beautiful time.


And then we return to Marbleworks. Logan just loves this.

Sometimes we like to dress up in cowboy hats!

We had lunch together at Pizza Cart before they left for home Tuesday afternoon. Thanks for coming, kids!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018. Clouds and Kanarraville

Mike and I took a drive down to Kanarraville Sunday evening and had a nice visit with Pam. We were returning a platter she brought over when she was there for New Years. And it was fun to visit for a bit. We saw a few deer in the fields and pastures on the way there. But on the way home---yowza!!! Hundreds and herds. All over the place. Wandering across the road, jumping over the fences [getting hit by cars...there is always dead ones on the side of the street... always]

When we did make it safely back to Cedar City, and we saw no actual deer fatalities, we drove up by the green water tank on the east side of town to just watch the sky and the clouds. They were just so pretty, varied, full of depth and had the potential for some spectcular colors. We just sat in the stillness, gawking and looking. We watched a jack rabbit cross the road. This was just to the south of where Mike used to live asa youth and hunt rabbits. He said, "That's nice to see. I'm glad I didn't shoot them all." We watched the skies change, and the jets fly by, leaving jet trails that almost immediately disappeared. Some days trails stay and become a criss-cross of woven, trailing threads across the sky, a testament to the busy-ness of the air traffic over our heads. Other times, like that Sunday evening, they are just gone in a short instant. There were a lot of jets passing by just in the few short minutes we spent there by the water tank.  Mike informed me that it is the humidity (or lack thereof) that determines the longevity of jet trails. I never knew that. This morning must have had a lot of humidity in the upper atmosphere where jets fly (lower stratosphere?), as there was quite the woven tapestry in the sky of many many lingering jet trails. But I didnt take a photo.
We wondered last night if the sunset might culminate in a really good show, so we drove up to the temple hoping for a stunning backdrop in which to frame a photo. The colors never really ripened to their full potential, but it was fun to watch the changes. It made for a nice, serene ending to our Sunday evening together.

Below: not real Kannaraville mule deer, but really close to what they looked like. Photos stolen off the internet. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

March came in like a lion. 2018

March 2018 definitely came in like a lion. We did have some serious winds, like about 60 mph gusts. And I rode my bike? Yep.

It was not horribly cold, however. It was the warm before the storm.

We did get a bit of snow on Saturday night, but only a couple of inches. We have, as a stake, been praying and fasting for the needed moisture in this area. We really have not had adequate snow for this season. We trust and have faith that more will come. We would like for it to come in the mountains.

Another calm before the storm is the change with Mike's work. He was told last week that his construction and carpentry classes will be discontinued as of the end of this school year. That just means that Mike will retire in May after school is out. New changes to come. I shall begin my "Honey-do" list at once.  😊

We really have had "The summer list of things to do" each year, posted on the side of the metal filing cabinet, and many of those things have rolled over from year to year. Maybe, just maybe, list items will be completed in a more timely manner. ? Really?
I will not hold my breath.

Mike's Mom did ask us on Sunday what our summer vacation plans were. We do not have any. Perhaps she has some plans for us. We tend to be "fly by the seat of our pants" kind of people.  Mike has a fishing trip with his boys at the end of May for a week or so in Vancouver, British Columbia. That's enough vacation money spent in one summer, I think.  Plus a couple of cars to pay for. Yeah, I think we will stay close to home. A "Stay-cation" actually sounds rather nice.

I noticed this morning that deer have eaten off the early tulip leaves in my front flower bed. Darn deer. We may never be able to have a garden again as there is no way to keep them out of my back yard.  Perhaps I had better put "Build a DEER-PROOF gate for back yard" first  on the "Summertime list of things to do."

Photo from Google Images, but it looks just like the tulips that were turned into snacks in my front yard.

I had such a lovely stay-at-home weekend March 3-4. I cooked!  I made two batches of soup and two pies. I did Two batches of dishes, dinner, and did six loads of laundry and changed our difficult-to-change bed all by myself. I even shopped a little, went to the post office and mailed two parcels, cleaned one oven, visited one neighbor (they got one pie) and delivered one birthday gift to a dear friend and neighbor. And even watched one movie "Ladies in Lavender." We need not dwell on the stuff that did not get done.

Friday evening, we had a nice visit with some nephews and their families as they were passing through town. Twin grand-nephews, actually. Cole and Colt Anderton from Vernal. They were coming home from a Disneyland trip with the rest of their family (Mom, Dad, Sister and family).  Cole and Rachel have three boys; Colt and Jamey have two girls. Cute kids ranging from 11 to 7. We ate pizza at Grandma's house, after picking it up at "The Pizza Cart" Restaurant. There wasnt enough seating all together, so we just brought it to her house, cleared off the dining table, pulled out a couple of leaves and enjoyed a nice, casual dinner together. They are such  nice families! Cute kids. And, no, no one thought to take a photo. !! And we all have these lovely cameras (phones) in  our hands and pockets practically ALL the time. Duh.

So, if March came in like a lion, according to the Farmer's Almanac, it should go out like a lamb.  Well, we shall see.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

February 2018

Winter. Finally.
It was like spring in January. No snow. Warm temperatures.
Now we have some snow and cold temperatures, and have had them all week.
It is as it should be.

That doesn't mean my tulips aren't still poking their leaves up in the yard. :-|

Valentine sweets

That's not a BIG box of chocolates. It just looks big.

MY box of chocolates was even bigger!  Like about three times bigger. Huge. Immense.


I feel loved.

And we are so practical (and cheap) that we buy them after the holiday. So much more thrifty, yes? I certainly don't mind.  Obviously, we are not so much about quality of chocolate at this time. It's just the sugar we love. ;-)   So very much.

And I took treats to work, too.

I would like to say they looked like this. It was . . . sort of close. There were no more chocolate melts left in the store. The strawberries I found didn't have such lovely green tops (but they did taste just fine). They were dipped in pink and red and white! Those were the only bags of melts I could find. Very festive. Some I even managed the swirly-effect.  But most were kind of frumpy and lumpy and not very perfect.

It's the thought that counts, right?  We have a couple of folks in my department who don't eat sugar, so they got plain berries.  And I had some red/white/pink caramel M&M's too. Mmmmm. Candy.

Valentine's Day is a good day if you

Have Someone Who Loves You
Love Candy
Enjoy Flowers

And don't mind waiting till the day after :-)

Oh, and I also wrote love letters to each of my children. Too bad the Post Office didn't deliver them on time. They were mailed in plenty of time for deliver by the 14th. Plus, most of my kids don't check their mail boxes regularly, anyway.  Good thing they check email, messages, facebook and video chat!