Wednesday, January 3, 2018

After Christmas with Family in 2017

 Here are some casual shots taken at home of playing games, playing, eating with Damian (40), Tandy (40), Alexa (14), Braeden (12), Ella (10), Gail (38), Seth (39), Caroline (16), Jonathan (8), Nick (31), Kaylee (31), Rachel (3), Logan (15 months), Eric 27, Matthew (29), Pamela (65),  Grandma Liebhardt (92), Mike (65) and Linda (61). I added the ages just for accuracy in reporting.

 There were some SUPER fireworks on New Year's Eve over at the High School!  Wow.
 Our resident pyromaniacs, with a stow-away. (She was safely tucked away--far away from the pyros)
 Our house lights were very pretty this year, thanks to Eric who put them up for us.

 Eating Pomegranates for the first time (Logan and Rachel) with Aunt Tandy.
 It took two rooms to feed us all on New Year's Eve. Kitchen AND Living Room :-)

 Mike is just snoozing though it all. Sure hope he gets his C-Pap machine before he dies of sleep apnea.
 Damian and Nicholas chilling in the living room.
 Rachel is wrapping herself in tissue paper. A designer dress, for sure!

 Nick and Kaylee's kids got books from Grandma Linda for Christmas. Of course. But this one is a fun one. "All Better" or something like that. It has band-aid stickers in it.

 A crowded couch includes  Grandpa Mike, Ella, Lexi and Eric.

 SOARING Logan.  He giggled through the whole thing.

Missed some Fall updates. Thanksgiving Weekend in Phoenix

 We went to Phoenix in November for Thanksgiving weekend for Dalia's (Linarte) wedding to Clayton Dean. Dalia is Mike's grand-niece, Lesa's daughter. We drove and took Mike's Mom. We stayed in a Courtyard Marriott, drove Berenice's car, ate dinner at Massiel's house the night we got there, attended a wedding on Saturday, and drove home early  Sunday morning so we could be back in Cedar City (Mike and I ) for our Temple Dedication Choir Practice at 5 pm Utah time.  Long days of driving.  We listened to "Endurance--Shakelton's Incredible Voyage" by Alfred Lansing.  Great book. Amazing story of, what else, endurance.

 Waiting for dinner and reception.
 The painting that Berenice gave to Dalia for her wedding.
 Lesa Maestas Linarte Nuccio, Mother-of-the-Bride.
 Tara, Gary and Shae Galley. From Vernal.
 Mike with his sister, Jannae, Berenice, and Joe (Jannae's husband). From Vernal.
 Kids and grandkids were taking photos for their Christmas cards. 

 Wedding on the golf green. Clayton was a golf pro at this country club.
 Visiting in the evening after our arrival.
 Lesa and John in Massiel's kitchen.
 Family Tree on Massiel's stairway landing wall.
 Other Berenice Liebhardt paintings in Massiel's home.

 Lesa's sisters, Tina and Monica
 Monica and Massiel. Massiel and Andre had just hosted Thanksgiving dinner at their home and a pre-wedding luncheon at a nearby park.