Sunday, September 10, 2017

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Thursday, I took some time off in the morning to go get a hair cut. Same-old, same-old. [but my selfie skills are improving!]



This is my knee with a little hole in it.  I actually fell down at work last week.  So very embarrassing.  I was just getting up out of a chair and tripped on my own foot/shoe. I went down about as fast as I was trying to go up. Thankfully, it was not to go help someone at the front desk, so there were no witnesses. I said in stunned pain, "Ow. That hurt," and got up.  But I did notice that many heads out in the lobby turned. I made a rather large noise when I hit the floor with my hands and knees.  I moved the little rolling desk I was sitting at, the chair banged and rattled, AND I dumped over empty iPad boxes that were stacked on the floor under the little desk, AND knocked over a pile of books and they hit the floor, too.  Like I said, "how embarrassing." I expected a large bruise to form, but it did not. Just a little skinned, carpet burn sort of teeny wound. Lucky me. (there was one witness--a student worker was sitting nearby and heard me go down, but didn't actually witness my stupidity and clumsiness)

On the day that I got my haircut, I also made an appointment to have my toenails painted after she was done with my hair. I seldom take the time to paint my nails because it takes a while for me to do it so they dry enough to not be smudgey. That was THE Best one dollar I've spent in a good long while. Yep, one dollar at Evan's Cosmetology College to have your nails just painted.  I didn't opt for the full pedicure treatment. Honestly, my heels and feet are in some of the best shape they've been in for a long time. I just filed the nails smoothly and evenly before I went. AND, she did it really fast!  15 minutes and I was out of there in my flip flops, drying them more thoroughly on the bike ride home. ha.  Or, rather, back to work.

Library Books and the Red Shelf Raiders

Hello all.  You know I work in a library.  It's a medium-sized academic library.  Not small or tiny, but big enough. I've worked here for about 22 years now. I've been in the same department doing the same things for that many years.  Things change. People Change.  There is plenty of change in technology alone to keep things interesting.

Libraries are organized.  They are organized very meticulously so people can find things.  We've worked hard all summer really doing a thorough inventory of EVERY book in the Main collection on the second floor. It's a lot of items. Student workers have scanned book barcodes by the thousands every day to make sure the catalog record is correct and that things are neat and tidy.

At the end of each long range of books is a sign on the wooden end panel that indicates what call numbers are located on on that range, with a note that clearly states that one should "place used items on any red shelf".  There are red shelves at the end of every range of books.  They're everywhere.
Neatly organized books, ready to go up to the stacks to be reshelved. Yep, they go up by the cart load.

An end guide. Most of them in the stacks don't have thermometers and sticky notes on them. This is the RESERVES stacks behind the front desk. We're special. (And one year when the A/C went out, I wanted PROOF that it was blazing hot in my work area!)

But today....ohhhh, today.  What a day. Yesterday, (Thursday, actually) my student worker reported that she had seen some boys upstairs on the second floor while she was working and they were taking books off the shelves and placing them on other shelves. Or on the same shelf. Or on a red shelf. But they were NOT using the items! They were just walking around, taking books off the shelves and moving  them!  She is very shy, she was in a hurry to get off to class. She didn't talk to them.  I forgot about it until this morning when I went to gather some items from the second floor.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Someone really had been just maliciously and randomly moving and shifting books around!! I have never seen anything like that in all my years here.  I picked up close to 50 . I found stacks (like a large handful) placed at the ends of shelves after the book end, so they kind of look like they are on the shelf correctly. But they are not. I found L in the B section and P in the H section. And more. Stacks of books, individual books. On red shelves and not on red shelves. I found items that were pushed clear through to the other side to an empty shelf--now backwards and on the wrong side of the stacks. Books were all over. I was so steamed.  But I was not nearly as steamed as my student worker who has done a large bulk of the scanning and organizing lately.  SHE was livid. She said, when I reported this incident to her and some other library workers, "If I see someone doing that when I'm up in the stacks working, can I confront them?"  And my answer was kind of mild, "Well, I would prefer that you get a supervisor for that. We could go and talk with them and find out if they are having difficulty and explain how this ruins things for the rest of our library users if the items are no longer in order."  "Oh," she said. "That is way more mild that what I would have said."
"That's not what I WANT to say to them, " I explained.  "We have to not burn our bridges and make enemies for the library, etc.  Would you like to know what I'd really like to say to them?"  And of course they all said, "YES."  And it was just what they would have wanted to say as well. Mild-mannered Library Ladies we are NOT. Mess with our books and we get steamed.

Some people can be so mean and cruel.  Most of the books are still in order. I think. I mean, we don't really know for SURE unless we go up and shelf read and re-read every single call number . AGAIN.  AAARRRRHHHHGGGGGG.
But, on a happier note, Natalie made this pink piggie in class. Yes, she pays thousands of dollars in tuition and fees to build pink paper piggies in college. Then, she put it in her "cubby". Ha. She's really an elementary education major. They DID make pigs in her class and the "cubby" is where our student workers store their backpacks while at work.

And SOME times, I just really need to sit down at my desk and GET THE WORK DONE instead of letting it pile up all day.  I'd rather take pictures of cute pink piggies and end guides with thermostats!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Dog Days of Summer

 Summer will be ending soon. I'm kind of sad.  But I have been very HAPPY about the peaches that came off our tree!  This is the last bowl full I picked this morning. They are small, but oh-so-yummy. I only bottled a dozen quarts and we've eaten all the rest.

I know that summer is ending because it's time for the Iron County Fair. Berenice entered some paintings. She won ribbons on both of them. She got a sweepstakes purple ribbon for a painting of Zion canyon and a yellow "Judges Choice" ribbon for the waterfall painting she did.

On the drive home, I was thinking that I should have entered my weaving of Twin Islands in the fair.  I kind of thought it turned out cute.  Or maybe my "Ella Witch" fabric collage from last Spring's class.  Oh, well. Too late, now.  I wouldn't have had time to take it over and enter it on the proper day.  I didn't even end up going with Berenice to enter her paintings--we had Eric do it instead.

******              *****************                    *****************              **********

Random stuff to make my kids laugh. Or be embarrased. Or perhaps *I* should be the one who is embarrased!

I noticed when getting a drink while brushing my teeth that my bathroom cup matched my shirt. Perfectly.  And here's a picture to prove it.
 And summer days and nights ARE hot. Eric walked by and thought this was cute so he took of picture of us laying in our messy bedroom, napping on Sunday afternoon/evening. While holding hands. I asked him to try to NOT include the clutter.  Welp, that's pretty much impossible in my house.
 If that box (photo below) of an Atari Video computer system from early 1970's really does have an Atarie Video Computer System in it, would it be worth any money? Like, you know, as an antique-y  sort of thing?  It's out in the fruit room at Mike's Mom's house, way up on a top shelf. I just happened to notice it when I was putting some canned peaches out there. I remember playing PONG!  I really do. I am that old, and it was really that fun. :-)  Truly.
 Below are some photos of the O. C. Tanner Amphitheater in Sprindale, Utah.  Eric obtained tickeds for a free concert by the Utah Symphony and Mike and I and some of Eric's friends joined him.  The Symphony was touring the state in a few days, hitting a few rural areas, and our area was one.  Well, Springdale is not as close as Cedar Breaks, and that was one other venue they were doing with a small chamber ensemble the next night or so.  It's a fast tour over about 4 days, but really fun-sounding.
 I had never been to the Springdale Amphitheater before, and it's been on  my bucket list for quite some time.  Perhaps August is not the best time to see an outdoor performance down by  Zion National Park, as it was scorchingly hot, but we survived. I attempted some selfies, but my rear camera is partially obscured by my screen protector (it was my first time applying one to that size of a device), so most photos were dull and fuzzy.  But the one below is clear because I peeled back the screen protector for at least one clear shot of the rocks, etc.  The concert was great.  I do love the symphony and the Utah Symphony is superb.  Thanks to Eric for sharing tickets and letting us share that experience. We went on August 29, Damian's Birthday. So that's how we celebrated his birthday! ha.

Below: I think this is one of the first bowls of peaches that I picked.

Another thing we did last week was attend the Cinema. Mike and I went on Friday September 1 to see "Dunkirk."  Good show.  Very intense war film, but we liked it. We even had popcorn!  Two dates in one week.

I was assigned to stay late at the Utah Shakespeare Festival for my ushering shift on Saturday night, s. I got to see for the first time "Shakespeare in Love."  They did a good job with it and I liked it. It was cute.  I have managed to see almost everything I wanted to see this season.  There's only a few more days left, so I may not ever get a chance to see "Treasure Island." I think it closes this week. I even have two more vouchers left.  AND, I have access through work to get two free tickets because I work at SUU. Tuesday or Wednesday for "Shakespeare in Love" or "Romeo and Juliet". Any takers? I'd like to see the "Long Lost First Play by William Shakespeare", too.  Oh, so many plays, so little time.

We'd really like to squeeze in a trip to the temple this week, too.  It closes in St. George for maintenance on the 11th of this month.

The 11th.  Of September.  Two weeks prior to that, as I checked out books in the Library, I'd really have to stop  . . . and try NOT to say, "Thanks! Your books are Due September 11th" and instead say "two weeks". Or anything besides "September 11." It still just makes my heart hurt to say those words.

But I LOVE checking out items on March 1, because then when I tell them their books area due March 15 and "beware the ides of March," well, it's worth the one or two smiles it evokes during the course of the day.  But really, just one or two?  It should be way funnier than that, right? ;-)
And I am just a Shakespeare nerd this time of year.  Peachy!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Rachel's THREE

 I think the pictures of our weekend with Rachel are posted in reverse order, but that's okay. We went to SLC Friday after work, got there late , late , late (after 11 pm), celebrated Rachel' birthday all day long! One Mommy and Daddy present, a trip to the bounce house, a family dinner and Party in the back yard Saturday evening.  Perfect weather, perfect fun!
 Rachel and I played with some of her playdough Saturday night before bed. I was way more tired than she was after that long day--SHE got to have a nap! Ha. Grandma's are not too old to have naps, I have found. 😩
Can you tell what we created?

 Visiting after dinner jn the backmyard. Nick grilled burgers and hot dogs, and there was a nice variety of fruits and veggies and salads, plus chips and drinks. Cookies and cupcakes rounded out the menu. Sesame Street theme was really cute. And so was our sweet Rachel.
 And Logan's pretty cute, too . (I guess my baby-all- grown-up Nicky is pretty cute, too!)

 Elmo cupcakes! Kaylee made these. Aren't they darling?

 At the "High Jump" bounce house play area. It was fun to chase the kiddos around. The goal was to tire Rachel out so she would have a nap before tbe 6 pm  party. It worked. We went after lunch and stayed about an hour, she slept for two and we (well, Kaylee) had time to bathe Rachel before guests arrived.

 Rachel is showing me the stickers she got in with her birthday card from Great -Grandma and Grandpa Autrey.
 In the van, on our way to "High Jump" in the afternoon on Saturday.

 Ooening up the first present of the day. Toy Ice cream parlor with magnetic scooper and ice cream. Fun!
 Just chillin out on the back deck in the morning, playing in the sandbox.

 Oh yes. Photos are not only backwards, but also all mixed up. Oh well. At least I took some!
 Bounce house

 Backyard gathering.
 Logan and cousins.

 Rachel posing with her gift pile on the deck. I think she was a little excited--but one of her little christensen cousins was even MORE excited . Ha.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

A Sweet Ride

Once upon a time (sometime earlier this month), I went on a bike ride on my way home from work to return a book to the public library across town and had some bicycle mechanical difficulties on the way home. And I had to walk home. Mike didn't answer his phone. Eric didn't answer his phone.  Ugh. So I walked from about 200 north, 300 west all the way home.  But I'm a big girl and it didn't kill me.

I parked the bike in the garage and kind of forgot to tell any one about my bike woes since I think we all had things going on that night or something. But when I went into the garage to get on my bike to go to work the following day--whoops!  There was my broken bike! So I plopped it upside down right in front of the back door so anyone coming or going had to pay attention and move it to get in to get in or out of the house. Or trip and fall over it. Or, rather, so they would be reminded to put it in the truck and take it to the Bike Shop for repairs. The rear tire was kind of wiggly, rubbing the frame weird, and had some strange wearing on the side walls. I drove the car to work. (Did I mention we have a new car?) It is easy to drive during the month of August after all the summer sessions are over because nobody is around on campus and there's plenty of parking.

Mike took my broken bike to the shop for me on that Thursday, sweet guy that he his. (Did I mention he does dishes, too?) I drove the car on Thursday and got a ride from Mike on Friday. The bike shop called me Friday morning to say it was fixed. I walked up there on my lunch break to pick it up, paid for my new tire. I hopped on, left the shop, and got to the light just one building away from the bike shop (200  South and Main Street), went to cross the street and had the same problem!  The rear tire was rubbing and crooked. Again. I walked it back into the shop and said, "I think I broke my bike."  He determined that I must have a broken axle.  So I left it there with him and then kind of waffled about walking back, being late, calling the office....he offered me a loaner bike until he could get it done--probably before closing. So I took him up on it. 

That's the bike (above). Cute, huh? He adjusted the seat and sent me on my way. I got to the intersection and went to stop at MAIN STREET.  Busy Main street at the noon hour and --  it's a cruiser and there are NO HAND BRAKES. Yikes!  I had a split second or two of pure panic as I headed closer and closer to the busy intersection with my fingers grabbing desperately for hand brakes that were not there--anywhere!!!....How Am I Going To Stop This Thing!?!?!?!?!? Then the brain clicked in and said, "Back pedal with your feet, stupid!" So I did and stopped before I hit traffic. Literally.

I practiced braking all the way back to the library. I mean, there IS a big down hill just before the campus driveway I needed to turn into. It would not have been good to miss my turn. ha.  But I made it, and even got it all done on my lunch hour. And I made it back to pick up my own bike just before he closed at 5:30.  Except I left my bike lock on the loaner and had go ride back up there yet another day and retrieve it.

But my bike is fixed, the new tire works well, the axle is replaced and I'm good to go.  But not good enough to ride 60 K up and over a big mountain on a dirt road, thank you very much.  Just toodleing around town is good enough for me.  As long as the axle doesn't BRAKE. pun intended ;-)