Sunday, July 15, 2018

Ho, Ho, Ho....Green Giant

Check out the size if these tomato vines!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Veyo the second

Or, perhaps this should be titled


I picked up Berenice this morning around 10:30 am to attend the Chadburn Reunion in Veyo, Utah.
We had a nice lunch there, Tina Easton and her friend, Ed, were there. So there were all of four representatives from Archie Chadburn at this reunion. After we ate, Berenice was given some time to talk to the group about the history of the Chadburn Reunion, which she started 50 years ago. She also gave a rather impassioned hell-fire-and-damnation speech about the why's of having such a thing--do do genealogy and missionary and temple work...but not too many people were listening, or if they were, they were kind of squirming. Not too many of these folks are LDS, or at least they may not be active. I don't really know. Tina was the only person there that I knew, besides Berenice.  The food was good. The auction after was long-ish. There is definitely an art to being an auctioneer.  There were raffle tickets and items. I had three tickets and won nothing (and I'm not even a little bit disappointed, as there was nothing there I was really pining to have).  We left around 2:30 or three or so.

Veyo is where Berenice was born. She met someone a few years ago at a funeral who said they bought Archie Chadburn's home in Veyo. She's wanted to see inside it for years, so they said, "Come on over any time."

Well, turns out the lady who told Berenice that has since passed away, but we found the place, they invited us in. Three generations live here now, this kindly old man (Leavitt is the last name I think and I think it was his wife that Berenice talked to years ago at the funeral), his daughter, her son and wife and an disabled daughter.  They were all very kind and let Berenice see inside the front room and explained how they had changed things and how it was when he first bought it.  It only had a couple of rooms, they added on (and on and on and on) and raised twelve children there!  Delightful people, all.  There is a deliciously old cotton wood tree in the yard, another that used to hang over the street they took out because of the possible danger of falling on passing cars.  There was an ancient apricot tree. We parked under a weeping willow. The home is handicap accessible.  But it is not the same house any more.  Berenice was only three when they moved away so she didn't remember much from when she lived there, but from subsequent visits to the area over the decades.  Anyway, she finally got to see the place.

This is a very old apricot tree.

This is a very big and very old cottonwood tree in their front yard.

 As we were leaving, it was beginning to rain.  But we were in Veyo, so I decided I would try again to purchase a pie from the famous "Veyo Pies" Store.  Boy, was it raining!

It was a MONSOON! 

Thunder, lightning, wind, torrents of rain.   But I parked at Veyo Pies and dashed in anyway.  The previous time I stopped there with Damian and family, I found lots of people waiting in line and I just left without even thinking about making a purchase. This time, there were people in there, but they were just waiting for the rain to stop or for a special order or something, so I just walked right up to the counter, made my selection and left. Just that quickly.

Kind of. 

I got a plastic bag to put my pink bakery boxed pie into because that rain was REALLY coming down!

I opened the door and dashed the 12 to 15 steps to my car through the pouring rain and booming thunder and driving wind!

I jumped into the car and slammed the door. I WAS SOAKED.  Fifteen steps!

I triumphantly placed my pink box on the dash and said to Berenice, "I survived a monsoon to get a Veyo pie!"  Lightning!  Thunder!  RAIN like you cannot believe.  HAIL. And when I turned around to get out of my parking spot, look what was behind me-- a broken tree branch that just missed my car.  Whew.

That was quite the adventure.  We weren't sure just which way would be the safest to drive home--the way we came or through St. George.  The road to St. George was closed the day before due to flooding (open today), but who knew what this was going to do...and it's longer that way, too, I think. 

We decided to go back on Hwy 18 the way we came, though Enterprise.  It's a winding road though mountains and valleys.

What rain!  What WIND.  Rivers running down the road. I could only drive 40 mph, my wipers were going full blast and I still could hardly see a thing.  Incredible.  Luckily, the hail was pea-to-marble-sized and did no damage and was brief. The lightning and wind and rain let up about 10 minutes later, but that was a harrowing 10 minutes, let me tell you.

Berenice's comment, "Have you ever seen such a storm!?"
My reply: "Amarillo, Texas, July 1976, in your motor home." I remember because I was driving that time, too.  Just about the same.

My hair was still wet when we got back home, even about an hour later. And some of the trim on my pants was still showing signs of dampness.  Yes, it was quite the storm.

But I have my Veyo Pie!  I selected Peach Blueberry. I'll let you know if it's worth it. ;-)

Summer begins!

It's been a couple of years since we've had a decent garden. This one is shaping up nicely.  Actually, I think the Jolly Green Giant had something to do with  my tomato vines. They are enormous!

I don't really have an apricot tree. But the people down the street and around the corner do, and the house has renters who gave me permission to pick them. So I did. And I bottled 14 quarts of apricots. Sugar snap peas have been great from our back yard...Anaheim peppers are quite prolific. I have more than 20 and I think I need to make some chili rellenos. Mmm. I've only picked 2 zucchini from the one plant that has survived so far.  Raspberries are fading out, but we sure have enjoyed them lots this season. I made a batch of raspberry jam last night. Not freezer jam, the kind you can take home with you if you come to visit me . ;-)

The bad part is:  The weather in our area is threatening rain. In fact it HAS rained and flooded in nearby areas. When there is severe weather like that, they turn off our irrigation ditch water for some reason.  I guess they don't want to flood us?ha.  There is also a pump broken on one of the city water wells and we've been asked not to use culinary water for outdoor watering.  That's okay. It's going to rain, right?  Well, not at my house. It has drizzled, got the leaves wet, but not watered the lawn and not watered the garden or trees. And I'm not supposed to water with the hose...and there's no irrigation water, either!  How dry will it get before I start being disobedient and watering with my hose?

Monday, July 9, 2018

Miscellaneous July Photos, 2018

Logan had a little sliver in his hand.  Nick is very attentive. So is Logan!  It was so sad to see his poor little feet.  Both of Nick and Kaylee's kids had been suffering from Hand, Foot and Mouth disease prior to this trip. Poor Logan's feet got the worst of it. He formed huge blisters and his little feet were so tender, he just wimpered until the gauze and socks were put back on his feet. It didn't seem to slow him down any, however!  He was on the mend, for sure.  Rachel got it first, then Logan, then Kaylee. I'm glad they could make it down for at least a  couple of days at the end of their illnesses.

These little gals were so cute together.

Family time includes supporting your little brother when he's in a Pride Night Drag show at the locan bar.  It was packed and they mostly got turned away at the door, but some got to hear at least one of Eric's numbers.

Summer in Cedar also includes a Shakespeare Festival play. Tandy and Ella went to see a Matinee, and Gail and Eric also went on another day to see "Big River."

We're a big group when you try to cram us into a little living room for family prayer before folks start heading to Kanarraville or off to bed.

Braeden spent some time picking Cherries. He's so brave. And Rachel was a good little helper to pick up the ones that dropped/fell from the tree as we were picking.

Evening night games were fun to watch. Cute kiddos.

Our Sunday evening dinner when everyone was here July 1. Almost everyone. Damian and Lexi hadn't  arrived yet, and Seth didn't make it down until the Fourth. He only got to spend about 6 hours with his family :-(
We had the opportunity to go to the Cedar City temple early on Friday morning before Damian left to fly home and back to work. Caroline, Braeden and Lexi got to do proxy baptisms for a number of our relatives who didn't have the opportunity to make that choice. Now they can, if they want to. The choice is theirs. Agency is a nice thing.  After the temple, we picked up some more people and headed to IHOP.  And ate way too much food. I headed back to work after that (and a short nap).

When Gail and her kids were driving into Utah from the west side of the state, the fire had been burning for a few days.  This is the view they had:

From Eric's Facebook post:My inability to sleep in on the weekends led me on a morning bike ride on which I discovered a yard sale with two sheets of adhesive moustaches for 25¢. Best yard sale purchase ever.

Tandy took this photo in the early days of the Pine Valley Mountain (dubbed "West Valley" fire) from Kanarraville with her good camera and zoom lens. Yowza! This was June 27 or so.


Around the 4th of July

Fireworks!  I watched them from my front lawn, all alone.  My body decided to get sick that morning, so while everyone else went to parades, picnics and pyrotechnics, I stayed home and slept.

Most of those big ones competed with the ones the city was shooting off out by the airport!  They were very nice, very loud and quite impressive. I went to bed and fell asleep by 10:30 and they were not done yet.

this is the way Katie closes the frige door. ha.


Lexi and Ella on Picture day. They'd already been there for 45 minutes ahead of the rest of us...and stayed for even more, good sports.  Their whole family did.

Braeden blowing bubbles for the littles on the front lawn.

Logan loved this "leaf blower" bubble blower. It was Quintin's.

But he didn't seem to mind too much.

Our Sunday Dinner on July 1.  The kitchen group.  Pam, Berenice, Katie, Casey and Mike.  The rest of us were out on the front lawn in the shade.

Katie and Eric had some lively piano duets. It was fun to hear them playing together just for fun.

Even Quintin got into the act.

Quintin and Hailey both have a hard time if anyone tells them "no."  I do have to tell children, "Please don't _____  ," on occasion. On this occasion, Quintin went away all sad. I could hear him weeping (Hailey, on the other hand, wails LOUDLY) but couldn't see where he was. He hid himself under the sheet that was covering the sofa in the living room.

Can you see him, all curled up under there?  He was fine. Just a bit sad for a little while.  I think this was one of the days I was tending so Casey and Katie could take care of Casey's Mom's wedding preparations, etc.

One day when Tandy and Braeden and Ella were here, some friends of theirs came to visit. These were folks they knew from their first year in Texas and were neighbors and became fast friends. Then the friends moved to Ogden!  So they came to visit the Liebhardts, see Cedar Breaks, and play on our yard.

I went for a walk around the block with Mike one afternoon/evening. These are lilies that were growing in a large pot on the Houston's front porch. They are taller than me!  That must be some fertilizer that they use!  Wow.

Quintin had had a red eye for quite a few days due to a pool incident.  He got a direct shot in the eyeball with a pool squirter-gun-toy thing.  Katie decided that perhaps they'd better make sure there wasn't any interior damage since it'd been red for quite a while now (several days maybe?) . So he had his eyes examined. All was well.  But he got these cool shades to wear after they left the dr office. He had his eyes dilated! ha. I've only ever had mine dilated once in my life. He's not even three and he's have been dilated. He thought the plastic glasses were cool.

Quintin and Hailey playing with blocks.

Corbin also thought the glasses were cool

I AM cool.

Ah. This smoke.  Not clouds. Just smoke from the Pine Valley fire. This was from a few days after it began, I believe.  My library in the distance.

I drove around town after work to see if I could tell just where exactly it was.

The smoke obscured the sun and it seemed like it was a dark cloud cover.