Monday, October 30, 2017

Socks for the MAN in my life

Mike didn't get any socks for his birthday this year. We kind of forgot about him and I was gone and I never mentioned to anyone that he NEEDED them.  He's been trashing the ones with holes and was down to just a few socks. Not a few pair, a few socks.  I mean, he has others like white cotton ones, and some skinny black dress socks and some really FAT and insulated hunting socks to wear with boots.  But his every-day go-to socks and his favorite and the men's crew socks that are acrylic. They can't have a band around the top, just straight crew.  We've been buying "Gold Toe" brand for a while and have mostly found them at JC Penney.

On Saturday, I decided I'd better make a few stops in some local shops to see if anyone had that kind.  I checked WalMart. Nope. I checked Ross. Nope, but I did have a bit of fun roaming the store since my next stop wasn't open yet It was the first time I'd been in there. Next I tried Christensens' .  Nope.  I found them at Bealls!  And they had exactly 2 packages of them.

It wasn't until I got them home and was unwrapping and removing stickers and plastic ties that I noticed the name of these favorite socks:


Yep. Mikey wears Fluffies. Every day.  He even said this morning as he was dressing, "Yes, there's nothing like a new pair of nice, soft Fluffies." :-)

Friday, October 27, 2017

"Dear Uncle Eric"

I like to save things like this and it's too cute not to share.
Eric got this in the mail earlier this week from his one-year-old nephew, Logan.

"Dear Uncle Eric, 

How are you? I hope you are enjoying life. I know I am! Despite being a little less warm and cozy out here, I really like it.

I am excited to see you...I don't know when. I do not have a good conceptualization of time. I have been told that I'll see you sometime, though.

I have also been informed that I have the opportunity to give you a gift for Christmas. Yay! I love Christmas! I am so excited.

This does pose a challenge to me. You see, in my short time here, I just have not learned what would make the perfect gift for a distinguished man of your life experiences.  Do you think you could help me?

Some ideas I have had include custom artwork, clothing, or bath toys. Who doesn't love bath toys, right?

Would you like some kitchen or home goods? Would you like a job? Just kidding on that one. I'm not hiring right now.

For your convenience, I have enclosed an idea list that you may return to me. I appreciate your assistance.  I hope to make this your best Christmas ever! I am sure that it will be my best so far!

Love, Logan Liebhardt

encl: gift idea list


for Uncle Eric

    Custom Pen (I'll need my dad's help for this)

   Custom Shirt (I suggest that it says "Logan is my favorite nephew")

   Socks/Underwear     size:_____


   Gift card     (favorite places: _____________)

   Bathroom necessities

   Books (Have you read "That's Not My Dinosaur" ?  I couldn't put it down!)

   Other                   --------------

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

October in the Library

Here are some higly decorative and entertaining doors done by a student worker, Kira Reusch, here in tbe library. These are all upstairs on the third floor. She works sometimes down by MY  desk for Interlibrary Loan. I wonder if she would do our door, too?  They have Count Dracula, above.

A version of Frakenstein. Students studying on the third floor have a clear  view of Frankenstein and the mummy. The other two are behind those doors, out of the public view.

A mummy.

Some creepy dude peeking through the window on the door between Acquisitions and Cataloging departments.

And this happy little Creeping Charlie plant lives in our library break room. I have never seen one with so many blossoms on it! Fun.

A close-up of one of the many blooms.

This was outside my front door on Saturday or Sunday morning. You can't tell, but this poor tree is half dead. What IS still alive still makes me smile. It always has shown off really nice fall colors.

And sometimes, you just gotta be real and let tbe world know that there are bad days where stuff that should get done, just doesn't. There now. Don't you feel better about YOUR kitchen?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Friday, October 6, Georgia USA

I made it to the Boston Airport with Athena and said Goodbye to her there.  My customs photo as we went through automated kiosks took such an unflattering photo of me after our 11 hour flight from Istanbul.  But it was a very accurate representation of how I felt at this point.  My diarreah was really taking a toll and when I hit the Atlanta Airport, it was really getting out of control.  I got my rental car. One of my first thoughts was, "Oh dear. Those are not leather seats."  But I made it to Mom and Dads. I only got lost once or twice and it did take longer than expected . I had poor Mom all worried.  I dropped my phone off my lap and was too stubborn to pull over, stop, and fish it out from under the seat. But I was mostly on the right track. I came in the back way because I was looking for "Perry Parkway" not "Thompson Road" . Oh well.

Arrived at 3 am. Slept fairly well till morning, but ended up having Mom take me to the Emergency room. The Diarreah was totally out of control and I'd had it for many days already.  Made several trips to potty while at the ER for those few hours.  One with disastrous results. I ended up wearing home paper hospital scrubs. Oh dear. What a day.  I had blood and stool testing done. No indication of infection. Just a virus that would need to run its course.  Ugh.

I didn't have TIME for it to "run it course." I needed to get home.  Rain was expected on Sunday, so Mom and Dad didn't attend Church. I did get to visit with Donna a bit. She came by on Saturday and Sunday. AND on Sunday when it was obvious that I wasn't going to be able to travel home that day, she was a sweetheart and her family took my rental car back to the airport in Atlanta for me . Otherwise, it would have cost me about $500 more. Yikes. I had to cancel my return flight, my shuttle in Las Vegas (or maybe I Had Mike do that...I don't remember). I just rested and slept and rested and slept Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. By Tuesday I was doing not too bad, so I booked my flight home for that evening and Mom drove me to a shuttle to get to the airport.  I was there plenty early, so I got some soup at a restaurant.  And some Sprite and some mashed potatoes. I didn't want to sit at a bar or tall table, so I waited for a regular table and felt bad for taking up so much space for just lil' ol me. But I could only eat part of my soup, a few sips of soda and a couple of bites of potaotes. I wanted to eat a lot more, but just didn't dare.

I made it to Las Vegas sitting next to a very chatty lady and a guitarist from "LA Guns" rock band--who travels with two Pekinese dogs. ha! Mike came to Vegas to pick me up at 10 pm and we were home by 1 am our time.  What a long day  .  But I was glad to make it home with no incidents.  I felt fairly good on Wednesday after sleeping in, but decided to rest up at home that day.  And I did. My sweet Relief Society President brought me some chicken soup for dinner and that was a lovely treat.

Now, almost a week later, I'm still kind of not quite back up to snuff, but I'm definitely on the mend. That was a long haul!  And then the little complications that we woment frequently get when we take an antibiotic that kills good bacterica along with the bad...been treating that and a possible bladder infection/flare up . I've had a gallon (literally) of cranberry juice and that has helped a lot.

So, the worst of it is over. I'm home. I'm safe. I'm healthy. And I'm VERY happy--happy to be home in a relatively safe environment with good water to drink and nice co-workers who did a great job of holding down the fort in my absence.  My lawn, on the other hand, is another story.  I just need to hire a gardner when I leave next time, I suppose.