Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Double Reds

I have been a fairly regular blood donor for quite a few years now. A new offering from our local Red Cross folks is a way to give twice the amount of red blood cells. You have to qualify by being big enough, so I fudged a quarter inch and said I was 5'5" instead of 5' 4 3/4". The weight wasn't an issue. I'm no feather weight, that's for sure!

One needle, lots of tubing, a fancy machine. First whole blood comes out, then into a centifuge. Red cells are collected in two bags, being weighed as they fill. The plasma that is separated from red cells goes from the centifuge into a third bag, joining some saline and some nice nutrients and or minerals. The object is to pump my enhanced plasma back into my arm after the red cells are all collected and separated from the plasma.

The lady said it's quite smooth and kind of cooling.

However, my vein didn't cooperate. The plasma just would NOT go back In! Thus the bruises. And now I'm truly a pint low. Oh well. I hated to just leave my plasma behind. I wanted it! That was supposed to be one of the donor benefits, to not feel so drained after since they replace some of your fluids and all. Well, I don't usually feel any ill effects anyway after a normal donation. Cookies and juice do wonders to make me feel fat and happy. ;-)

I took this picture the day after, so it is a bit faded. Pretty, huh? I must have nice, effective vein valves. Blood just goes one way.  Out.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

more foodies

Can't rotate photo...sorry. 

Puzzle Done

Found it!
We received a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas this year from our friend, Athena. Mike really enjoyed putting it together. His mom helped a little one Sunday evening. I think I did about 8 pieces. Not my favorite thing, but I do enjoy seeing the picture come together, and I enjoy watching others enjoy themselves so THOROUGHLY whIle they work on it.
Fun Memories of Christmases past.
I did actually take a photo of the finished product, but can't seem to find where it ended up between my phone's camera, my email, and the blog. Yes, technology still stymies me.  Daily.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Preview Glimpse/December 2014 in Hawaii

Sometimes, the surf and inviting ocean is just  a car lane away, but you can't get to it because you are merely driving by, on your way to someplace else. But, it sure was pretty and inviting!  Swoosh on by, pretty water.
I like Kay's little "finds" for furnishing her vacation rental. This was the lamp in our room, and it was really the best light for reading. I think the red and green paint give it a Christmas flair. ;-)

 I acquired a new outfit for the trip, quite by accident. I happened to get some free gift cards from Bealls and put them to good use. Nice white Capris and a lightweight navy and white top. i was thinking ahead for summer, and hadnt even considered that i could use them so soon.

The lovely view outside our bedroom window.  Every time I woke up and rolled over on my sick day, I would look out, see the palms waving, a butterly would be flitting by.  (Sigh)

Anthurium from farmers market. Ando some gorgeous orchids. Mmmm, pretty.