Sunday, January 4, 2015

Preview Glimpse/December 2014 in Hawaii

Sometimes, the surf and inviting ocean is just  a car lane away, but you can't get to it because you are merely driving by, on your way to someplace else. But, it sure was pretty and inviting!  Swoosh on by, pretty water.
I like Kay's little "finds" for furnishing her vacation rental. This was the lamp in our room, and it was really the best light for reading. I think the red and green paint give it a Christmas flair. ;-)

 I acquired a new outfit for the trip, quite by accident. I happened to get some free gift cards from Bealls and put them to good use. Nice white Capris and a lightweight navy and white top. i was thinking ahead for summer, and hadnt even considered that i could use them so soon.

The lovely view outside our bedroom window.  Every time I woke up and rolled over on my sick day, I would look out, see the palms waving, a butterly would be flitting by.  (Sigh)

Anthurium from farmers market. Ando some gorgeous orchids. Mmmm, pretty.

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Donna said...

Pretty water is right!! I hope you did get a chance to visor it ;)