Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yeah, we got some snow.

It is April 16, 2013.  Happy Spring! (Or "WinterPause," as the tulips must have thought last week.)  There are cherry blossoms on the tree next door, apricots came and went last week, the apple and peach tree are just about ready to burst into bloom.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

The Copy Center in my library offers many services to our campus and community.  Below is a flyer that I ran across some months ago.  Even I was surprised at the many things they offered!

It says they do "folding."  Folding?  Really?   That most time-consuming chore of all laundry days?  Really?  [No, no, not really! They fold paper to put in envelopes, silly.   But that's where MY very simple and domestic brain went when I read "folding" on on the flyer.]

 So, on April 1, Erin (on the left in the pink top) and I came in with our baskets of laundry and presented them to Trecia, the Copy Center manager.  "How much do you charge to do folding?  Is it by the piece, or by the basket?"

She liked it enough, after getting past her puzzlement and surprise, that she asked if she could keep the laundry and she made a sign on it so she could surprise her student workers the rest of the day.  Silly.... I know.  but a harmless prank.

Here are (some of )  the bags that Erin  made to put our little Easter Candies in for the student workers.  
Hoppy Easter!