Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy Fall

November Fun with the Owens Family.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Halloween at work

I did not dress up at all this year.  But my co-workers did!
Super Jill

There is a wand pocket in this very authentic Hogwarts Robe!


Some 80'chick.


A few weeks ago, a friend of Eric's came from Florida to spend a couple of days seeing the narional parks in the area. It has been a while, I've slept since then, and I don'recall his name. I do know that he didn't speak much English at all. Theymet on cruise ships.  But the flowers above were his Thank You to me for the hospitality shown. The lilies didnt last a long time, but the carnations sure did!
Eric was the "host." We hardly ever saw the fellow.

THIS weekend, there is a stranger from Italy sleeping in the  basement. "Couch Surfing" it is called. Salvatore speaks very good English, has been all over the U.S. Again, we just left them this morning and Eric was fixing breakfast and Mike and I went to church.

Eric collects friends from around the world.

Our OTHER fun guests just last wekend were Gail and Seth and kids. I cannot wait to see the pictures we took in the fall leaves of the four of them!! Seth did some automotive work for us, we went out to eat once, and just had fun visiting for a bit. Gail and kids were able to visit with other friends, too, while here.

Share those pictures, Gail!! My family gallery on the mantle needs updating­čśŐ

Busy and productive Saturday

Sometimes you just need to stay home and get things done. I have been neglecting housework for a while now.  A long while. But I buckled down and cleaned my range top--just in time for busy holiday cooking. It'SO shiney!!!!!

And i scrubbed some really dirty bathrooms.

And i prepared three guest rooms, re-arranging an extra twin mattress Mike got last month, sorting toys and some sewing and storage stuff. Will I ever make another denim quilt from all those old jeans? I sure hope so!

Swept and scrubbed the kitchen floor and cleaned the kitchen window over the sink (and the screen) . I can see outside now!

Did all the dishes, including all those hand-wash things that get ignored

Laundry. All of it. And the dryer conked out at the end.

Vacuumed the stairs thoroughly, and the rest of the carpet on main floor

Had a nice long visit with Katie on the phone

Paid some bills, read and sorted through paperwork. A lot of paper.

Ran one errand to Deseret Book (in sweats, wearing no makeup and they were so busy and crowded... oh well)

Ran a second errand and gave Eric a lift home from a Suzuki rehearsal.

And I have a list TWICE (or thrice ...or quadruple) that long of things I did NOT accomplish, but I wanted to focus on what I DID get done for a change.

And I was tired....but felt pretty darn good about a day well spent. They are few and far between.

Oh, and I started thinking about Christmas since I leave for Guam in TWO WEEKS and maybe Katie's before then. 《Gulp!》