Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SUNDAY DINNER From the Garden

I just wanted to share a garden-related story about our Sunday Dinner the other day.

We have grown some spaghetti squash in our garden and a few of them were quite big and quite yellow, so we picked and cooked them. Then, we had a lot of tomatoes, so we cooked them, along with some peppers from the garden, and some onions (not from our garden, but from someone elses' in Iron County--they were from the Fair and Berenice gave them to me). We simmered that with some herbs (from the garden) and a zuchinni thrown in for good measure. From the garden. I also browned some sausage and we added that to the sauce. The pig was not from the garden, of course. That made a delicious sauce to go over the cooked spaghetti squash.
For our side dish, I sauteed some lovely yellow squash (from the garden) with some onion and a little more pepper from the garden. That was yummy. Then we also had some fresh corn on the cob from a friend's house which was ALSO very good. Never mind that both side dishes happened to be yellow. That's OK! We also had a little green with some sliced cucumbers from the garden. So the pretty, red tomato marinara sauce with the other fresh veggies made for a loverly Sunday Dinner and we REALLY enjoyed it! Mmmmmm.


Suzanne said...

Yum! Can I come for dinner?

Donna said...

Yeah, no kidding..
I can look in a full pantry and see NOTHING, and my lovely sister can pull a HUGE wonderful meal out of a garden... I feel very inferior at this point!

Hali said...


Mom said...

Linda, your meal sounded absolutely wonderful! I would never think of tossing all that stuff together. But I'd never would think of having a garden either. You're amazing!
Love, Aunt Tuny