Saturday, October 4, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods

To ROBERT'S HOUSE we go! Yay! All the family together, minus just a few here and there. Here's a shot of Mom and Dad, me and Donna, relaxing in Robert and Janet's living room. Note the piles and piles of scrapping supplies. The room was empty and spotless before we got there!

This is Eric Autrey, the main reason (besides scrapbooking, which
was a nice diversion) for the family gathering in Provo. He's 21,
going to join the guard, then he's going to be going on a mission.

This is a typical Sunday afternoon with the Liebhardt clan in
Cedar City, so why should Provo be any different?
They DID all drive up from Cedar City that morning,
just for the church services and ordination of Eric A.,
and WERE driving right back to Cedar City that evening, so I guess a nap was justified. ZZZZzzzz. My Boys. What a crew. ;-)

A more wakeful view of them. On the way to church.

I don't really know why we have a thing for appendages, but we do.
I don't know what happened to the photos we took of the hands
2 summers ago, but here's the companion photo to that
set--the feet!
l-r, linda, robert, david, donna

Seth, bless his heart, came all the way to Provo from Richfield, UT, so he could spend time with Gail and her family. He came on his motorcycle and this is a picture of him and Gail and Robert, just before Seth headed home. He got back after dark, but thankfully safe and sound.

Janet, always the hostess with the mostess, had such a wonderful meal for everyone after church. Here's a bunch of hungry people waiting around the kitchen for the food to be blessed so we can eat. Don't click on it, it's blurry. Sorry.

SISTERS...Donna and her family are in the midst of a bathroom remodel, and since I couldn't remember quite exactly how her bathroom was laid out, she 'drew' it for me in candy on the kitchen table. Hershey''s were walls, Twix were doors, Reeses' were the toilet and tub... we are very creative when we need to be. We also happen to love chocolate. I LOVE this bathroom!! mmmm

BROTHERS...Hair, or no hair? BOTH David (l) and Robert (r) have hair shorter than the last time I saw them. David's is the result of just combing his hand through it. It amused Gail, that's why she took the picture. Robert has also just run his fingers through his hair. You couldn't TELL???? Rob usually has a little longer hair than this.

And so does Nick. He's taken to just buzzing his own head with our clippers. This summer, after the O-CHEM semester, he wanted to "celebrate" by wearing a Mohawk do the last day of class. Just as a distraction sort of the thing. But I don't do Mohawks. Apparently Eric does, because Nick got his Mohawk for the day, courtesy of his little brother, then buzzed it off the day after. It's been buzzed ever since. This is the LONG version of it.

Gail, Eric and me. We're looking through the photos that came while Gail and I were gone. Mike and the boys were nice enough to bring my mail and the photos so we could all see the pictures.

I wish I could include pictures of having Lunch with Mom, Caroline and my dear friend, Suzanne, in Provo on Friday. But I can't because I forgot my camera! But this is a picture of me calling her and making arrangements for our lunch date on Friday.

And I wish I could show pictures of the fun time that many of us had at Thanksgiving Point, driving golf carts all over the place on Friday afternoon, but I can't because I didn't have my camera! But Robert and Sarah have pictures, so ask them to post some. That was fun.

Caroline, Me, my Mom and David all went to Saltaire. This is a picture David took of the three of us standing by the very far away lake. We went there on a mission for some sand from the Great Salt Lake for David to take home to Laura in Texas. Misson Accomplished. It looked like dirt, be we all witnessed him filling the bottle from the lake bed.

Then, on Saturday, Robert, David, Mom and Caroline and I spent the day in SLC. We ate out, saw the Joseph Smith movie, shopped a very little, rode TRAX, but...I didn't have my camera, so no photos there, either! BUT

A great time was had by all. And Sunday with all the family together was really one of the best highlights. Mom and Dad with all four kids. We will be getting a photo disk soon.

Walking to Church

Dad, Mom, Robert in front of the church building.


Hali said...

Wahoo... Linda 1, Computer 0! Congrats.

Looks like you had a VERY fun trip to happy valley. [I live there...I can call it that :)] Glad you got to spend some time with your folks and siblings. Good fun for you.

Suzanne said...

What a nice time you all had together. Great photos (with the exception of the blurry kitchen one - ha). Everyone looks great and like they're having a good time.

Donna said...

I need to check on your blog more often.. I was looking at the toes and thinking "where's Robert???" Ha!