Sunday, October 12, 2008


Cedar City seems to have two seasons: Summer and Winter. It's been pretty summery here up until this weekend. I mean, I do need a jacket in the morning, but not usually for my 5 pm bike ride home (or 6 pm, depending on when I get home). But Saturday--WOW. My teeth were chattering for the first time in a very long time. I usually bundle up and stay warm. Why not? I've got plenty of clothes. Well, what I was wearing was not quite warm enough.

Of course, it's Cedar City and the snow melted by afternoon. That doesn't mean that it is warm by any means. Nope. I'm sure even the double-blanketed tomatoes in our garden won't survive this night. I picked most everything on Saturday, but left two plants and tried to save them. I mean, it IS going to get warm and fuzzy again. Shoot! Our leaves hardly had a chance to turn colors down here in town. Snow with leaves on the trees is risky business. Good thing it was a LIGHT snow storm.


Hali said...

AMEN! This is why we go to California!

Suzanne said...

Who is hali and why does she come HERE for Fall? Ha! It's still summer here. Ugh! I'm jealous looking at that snow. Okay, not really, but it does look nice to be able to wear jeans and a coat or even a jacket. Maybe we will get the opportunity by December? Hope your tomatoes survived. Hey, I have a question since you get weather. Ha. My tomatoes aren't even full grown right now (this batch) and some are all shriveled up. Is that because the nights are getting cold now (sometimes in the upper 40's)?