Saturday, November 15, 2008

All Girl's Weekend, 2008


Gail and I always look for the air show. We've never actually GONE to see it, but it happens right around us as we're coming or going to Las Vegas. Nellis AFB does a Veterans' Day air show each year. This is what we got to watch as we drove into town on Saturday. And this was just the beginning! As we drove on (I was driving and couldn't look very much, darn it), the sky was eventually filled with much more loop-de-loops and dotted lines of smoke...lots of acrobatics going on up there. Gail managed to contain her enthusiasm somewhat.

Shuttle ride from the hotel to the Strip on Monday. I wonder why Mom looks so shocked?

Here's a group shot. See the empty chair right in front of the camera? That's Janey's. L-R Mom, Aunt Tuny, Suz, Sandi, Janet, (Wait! Where's Donna!??) Katie, Gail, me. I guess Donna took this picture. Sorry Donna! I know you're out there in SOME of those pictures. Goodness knows, there were enough taken! ha

Janet, Donna, and a very blurry Katie (seeing to Hayden). See, the menu and eating is VERY serious with us. You can see that from the very concentrated looks on all these peoples' faces!

Mom and Aunt Tuny.

I missed this one little creation in the Jean Phillipe Patissiere. He's made totally of sugar, this little toucan bird with the tree. And he's safely enclosed in glass.

These are huge glass leaves that are suspended from the very tall TALL ceiling in the shops/shopping area--you know, where all the high-class stores are in the Bellagio? Like Tiffany's, etc. They were so pretty, these leaves. I'm guessing they were at least 4 to 6 feet long, maybe some of them were bigger. None were smaller than three feet, I'm pretty sure. Very large and festive.

Just some pretty fall scenery in the Bellagio's Conservatory. There were pumpkins galore, fountains, scarecrows, and many, MANY other fall things. It's always a fun place to stop in and see. Who knew that the huge chocolate fountain was right around the corner? Not me! And these are WATER fountains, spouting right behind us. They were solid streams of water that arched over the walkway. Very cool.

Here's the description of the chocolate fountain. And the food is just so pretty, you can hardly eat it. We might have, but the line was long and we had other places to go. But it was fun to see.

Gail snapped this photo of me trimming my Mom's hair. I'd not realized until I saw the photo that MY hair was in curlers at the time. It looks like a mini beauty parlor in the hotel room. Well, it sort of was! I also had my legs waxed by dear Gail. She's a good sport (and way more gentle than Katie--yikes--she hurts!)

This was the ONLY time a male person has ever been allowed by special permission at an All Girls Weekend. Hayden came with his mommy and WE got to take him home to Cedar City with us after. It was a lot of fun. What a good-natured baby!

We walked and Walked and Walked AND WALKED! Well, Suz apprently did. Doesn't she look so tired and worn out? (I mean her socks, not HER!)

Chocolate Fountain at Jean Phillipe's Patissiere in the Bellagio.

Yep, the theme was chocolate. Was I really licking that fondue pot? You'll never know. You SHOULD know, however, that we did NOT let Hayden eat chocolate while we were at the Chocolate Lounge at Ethyl M's for the breakfast fondue.

His Great Grandma Autrey kindly fed him his bottle while we all pigged out! ha.

Donna didn't mention that she had a chocolate MASSAGE on Saturday morning in the Spa at our hotel. I kept trying to sniff her, but she did not smell like chocolate by the time I got to see her. She'd already showered, silly girl. Oh, wait! She probably did it as a matter of defense so I wouldn't take a chunk out of her arm or something.


Hali said...

WOW! A fun trip indeed! Glad you guys had a good time. Love all the chocolate and Gail's new do. Super cute!

Suzanne said...

Gosh, that chocolate looks good! It's making me have a craving. Ha. And my socks. If only that really were the reason they were so bad, huh? Good thing I bought new ones! What a fun time we had. Looking forward to the next one either next year or the following, if you guys do the cruise. If you don't go, join my mom, Sandi and I at Sam's Town. We're still going! :-)

Donna said...

you should call us next time so we can step out of the hotel and see it for ourselves on the airshow stuff.. I had no idea... you would think having lived there for 5 years I would remember such events take place, hu?