Thursday, August 14, 2008

August Reunion

This is what Mike has been busy doing for the past several months. A HUGE gathering of his parents' family was planned for August 9. There was a good turn-out. Over 100 members of John and Berenice's posterity were in attendance. Of Mike's seven siblings, one is deceased. Four of his siblings were represented (plus Mike's), two were not. So the 100 people represented just a portion of the family. Wow. That's a LOT of family!

My little family of 14 members is on the left side, mostly. We are up to 15 in numbers now. Damian was the only one of our bunch who was unable to attend. He didn't have to WORK, but they wouldn't let him take leave and come to Cedar City. That's the military for you! You should be able to click on it and get a bigger picture. We had a lot of cameras clicking and this one is from my camera. It's the only one I have of Gail in it because she was up front pushing timer buttons on cameras. Mine included. Or maybe we both pushed buttons and I just ran faster than she did for the shots that she's not in. ha.

Here's some cute little granddaughters of mine. Alexa (5) and Caroline (6).

Some casual shots of the group listening to some "Grandma and Grandpa" trivia games. And speeches.

A photo of me trying to give out name tags to everyone as they arrived at the luncheon. Yes, some cousins didn't really know who the others were! It's true. But I DID know most of the names. I mixed up a couple of twins and their wives, but overall did OK if I do say so myself.

Katie decided to stay a few days longer, so we've been enjoying having her and Hayden here at our house for the week. Casey had to go back to Reno and go to work. Katie is still on maternity leave. She's even been able to see a couple of Shakespeare plays while she's been here!

And of course we had fun playing with toys while Tandy and her kids were still here, too! Here's everyone wearing Bright Builder Glasses. Lexi and Caroline made them for EVERY one! ha. They've gone back to Temecula now. . .

And here's a photo of Eric. Gail took a BUNCH of shots for his "Senior Pictures" and this is one of them. Yep, our baby is now a Senior in High school. School started today in Cedar City (August 14). How ridiculous. Nick has a couple more weeks before starting back to SUU.

Well, that was a quick Summer!


Suzanne said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Where did the summer go? The reunion looks like it was a big success. So great that so many of Mike's family could get together at the same time. Good for you guys for planning it!

Hali said...

Ha ha...Summer? What summer?

Looks like lots of fun. Glad you had a good time.

Donna said...

LOVE the large group shot - poor Hayden doesn't look too happy in it... but it's a wonderful shot for posterity!

Donna said...

Eric can't be a sernior in HS - he was born just as I was going to Australia... right after I graduated college and had my first "real" job (paycheck that could actually PAY for an apartment AND food)... when I was young... and if he's a senior... that would make me OLD now... YIKES - just looked in the mirror, it's confirmed now... I think I'll slink to bed now... more like crack and groan my way back to bed now. :o( and you wonder where SUMMER went? I want my YOUTH back!!!

Mom said...

Such a wonderful reunion! So nice of you and Mike to do that. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Glad you got to spend a week with your new grandson. So cute! All your grandkids are adorable.
Love, Aunt Tuny