Friday, January 23, 2009


These are things that are new. New to me, new to my house, new to the family. Just NEWs.

These are my new shoes. I don't always wear such goofy socks with them, but it was "wear red Friday," and I had on an SUU shirt, so I wore SUU socks. These are CUTE work shoes that are actually comfy. I have been trying for a long time to find some of these and finally got them. And I really like them.

This is my new Dishwasher. I kind of got it for Christmas. It wasn't installed until January and I'm still figuring out just how to get it loaded the most efficient way. It works VERY well, but it still has to have the lower plate installed (it had complications)down by the floor and THEN it will be blissfully quiet. Now it's just sort of quiet. Way quieter than the other one was.

This is our new Furnace. It was installed a couple of weeks ago. Our other one was not working well at all. We used to have to turn the thermostat clear up to 80 so it would turn on, let it run until it reached about 70 or so, then turn it back down to 60 or so. Then we'd just have to watch and wait and hope it didn't really get 60 degress before we noticed it was getting cooler in the house. Brrr. This is nice, to set it at 70 and have it BE 70 degrees. Ahhh, creature comforts.

THIS is the new hot water heater. It's lovely. Mike installed it sometime in about November, I think. Cold showers are the pits. I'll say no more.

THESE are the newly organized storage shelves I assembled with odds and ends in my storage space under the stairs. A "Before" and "After" shot would have been MUCH more descriptive. Suffice it to say that the before was piles of broken up boxes, bags, piles. Even a broken light bulb (I did it). Now, it's neat, clean, organized and there is space on the floor still! All the shelves in my storage room have been sorted and organized pretty much now. I'm a very happy camper. The storage room was my un-accomplished summer project. Now (January, just a little late) it's finally done.


Suzanne said...

Well, aren't you guys just the busy bees? First of all, very cute shoes! I have some very similar ones, but yours are cuter. And I bet it's nice to have the new appliances. Did you have a bigger water heater installed or is it the same size as the old one? We could used a bigger one. We sometimes have a hard time with hot showers at night...when all 5 of us want to be clean. :-) Congrats on your new comforts!

Donna said...

I'm so impressed! you don't update for ages and come up with so MANY new things!! I did my pantry.. not that you can tell anymore! I had picked up some of the rubbermaid stackable plastic ware storage containers for me - and bought some for mom too since they were soooo inexpensive. She didn't want hers, so they ended up in my pantry with LABELS - shocking! I should take a picture!

Hali said... year with all sorts of "news." Enjoy the warm house, warm water, and warm...I mean comfy? shoes. :)

Mom said...

Congratulations on all your NEWs! Now you'll have comfy feet, clean dishes, plenty of hot showers, warm, comfy evenings and an organized life! :-)
Love, Aunt T