Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Yurt

The day was so sunny,
The day was so cold.
The day, just last [Presidents' Day] Weekend
This tale did unfold.

We drove up the canyon
On the steep, snowy road
To Cedar Breaks Monument vista,
And from the car we did unload.

We strapped on our snowshoes
Amidst the dazzling, white fluff,
And commenced our short journey
That would make our thighs buff.

We crunched under blue skies
With our flat, holey shoes,
And searched for the Yurt
To rest, and maybe snooze.

The landscape, like diamonds,
More beautiful than a rose
Made our eyes squinty
And we looked like Eskimos.

As the time ticked on by,
My sartorii screaming,
I glimpsed a lovely sight--
A tent chimney steaming!

The ranger at the Yurt
Opened the door in greeting,
Pointed to the stove
Where hot cocoa was steaming.


Thanks to Eric for that much of the poem, Seussical-style. We ran out of steam, so that's all there is. Feel free to contribute your own lines ;-).
Hope you enjoy the photos! We enjoyed our trip. The Yurt is the Winter Ranger Station at Cedar Breaks National Monument.
It was my first trek in there for me, but I don't think it will be my last. It was fun. Robert, Sarah and Amanda came with me, so it was just the four of us. And I LOVE icicles on snowy trees! I took way more pictures than what are posted.


Suzanne said...

Leave it to you to have more adventures, you active lady, you!

Hali said...

Yes, leave it to you to have MORE adventures... and then write poems about them. Such fun!

Tandy said...

Yay! I love the poem... Didn't anyone in your immediate family join you? And Sarah... wow, she's changed. No longer the face of a young girl, huh?
Looks very COLD! It was 85 here on Saturday and Sunday this last weekend! But we can still see the snow-capped mountain tips, just east of here! That's close enough for me... especially when I think about trying to get Braeden into a pair of PANTS!!
Glad you had fun... and thanks for chatting for so long last night! Love you!