Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Damian!

Today is Damian's Birthday. He's 32. (How can I possibly have a child that OLD???!!)

We were able to sing Happy Birthday to him because he called us. YAY! What a nice treat. There are definite advantages to being an officer. Mike and I both got to have a nice chat with him. He told us about the unfortunate (but first) fatality of their unit this week, how the election went in his area, the proximity of the enemy, and how a field of corn nearby is nearly ripe for picking and they can hardly wait to purchase some from the local farmer! Adding some fresh foods to their diet is a definite boost to morale.

Happy Birthday, Damian! We love you bunches and hope you get your box from us SOMEDAY. and I hope you liked your birthday card. Let me know if it gave you a chuckle. I've been hanging on to that card for you for a LONG time!

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