Thursday, October 22, 2009

Homecoming Tradition

Yes, it 's the annual Cardboard and Duct Tape boat race. Silly, isn't it? But we've been doing this as library people for quite a few years now. This is the second time that Julie and I have paddled together, and we actually BEAT our other Library faculty people, Randy and Ralph.

Julie and I waiting for the whistle (which was really an air horn). The crowds this year were bigger than ever! I saw FORTY entrants--they numbered them consecutively. There were four heats, and for the first time ever, they actually had a fac/staff heat! YAY! Usually, they just throw us in with whomever. Well, kids basically.

Raft in the water, climbing aboard. We lost some time here, being so careful. But it worked.

Paddle only with your hands. It is from one end of the pool, touch the side and paddle all the way back. Can you say tired arms?? Even after doing water aerobics! Ouchies. I could hardly use my computer mouse when I got back to work.

Desperately trying to beat those guys! Paddle harder!!

And, yes! We hit the wall before them, earning third place out of 4 or 5. I heard that there were 5 in our heat, but I only saw four finish. It was really close at the end. Really.

And a fun time was had by all. This was my first time on a raft-style craft. Next year? Possibly pontoon-style, sort of like a "ducky" in kayaking and river rafting terminology. Maybe. Depends on the time we have. I got absolutely NOTHING done at work today, between adapting the boat, adding more duct tape, racing, recovering, dressing and coming back. Yes, it was a very long day. And different.


Hali said...

Ohhhhh! The cardboard boat races! I'd almost forgotten about those.

You know, I actually spent my first day at circ cutting cardboard for said boat. Aww, memories. ;-) Fun, fun.

Suzanne said...

Oh, that is too funny. You sure do know how to have a good time. What fun people to work with! And nice raft. :-)

Donna said...

Fun stuff! I was surprised to see the raft version rather than the "boat" we typically see.

Linda Liebhardt said...

Wasn't my design. I was gone when they did that.

Bryce & Erin Heuett said...

YAY for the boat races. I am glad to see the Library Ladies representing! :)

Tandy said...

You are the cutest... funnest... adventurous grandma I know! And you say you get tired looking at my blog... whatever!