Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Acts

Random acts of... well, RANDOMNESS.

I was just finishing with work, speaking with my replacement staff member about our weird new phone system. A person came to the front desk and handed the student worker a piece of paper and said, "Give this to Linda." So when I got done speaking with Tammy, the student came over and gave a paper to me with the message as delivered. Only, it was a sheet of paper with three recipes typed on it. Why? Who would just come in the library and randomly hand me three un-requested recipes? One was for Zucchini cassarole, one for whole wheat fudge brownies, and the other was for some rolls or something. Was it a hint? A gesture of kindness? A mistake? Delivered to the wrong "Linda at the Library?" Who WAS this unknown deliverer of food instructions????

And, no, that's not what we had for dinner tonight. It was chicken noodle soup and home-made biscuits. But the Zucchini cassarole DOES sound interesting and I have one huge one in my fridge right now.

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