Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome Home!

Damian got home from Afghanistan on Thursday this week. Mike, Nick, Mike's Mom and I traveled to California to spend some time with him, his family AND my extended family. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. Duh. I remembered the night before we left as I was laying in bed, but didn't get right up to put it with my stuff, so it got left behind.
We waited until Friday morning to leave because Nick had to work until midnight on Thursday. Mike was wanting to leave at midnight, but I talked him out of it. We ended up spending two hours in St. George waiting for a broken thermostat in the engine to get repaired. Good thing we weren't out on the road in the wee hours of the a.m. when that happened!

Got to Temecula in the late afternoon-ish. Fun times. Saw a LOT of picutures that Damian had taken, and he told us about a lot of his experiences over there.

Saturday afternoon was my Sorensen family get together. It was a smaller group than usual. We've lost two family members this past year, so that was sad. And the northern CA folks didn't make it. But it was still a nice gathering. (I'll e-mail you names later, Mom.)

Sunday, we enjoyed church with Damian and his family. Lots of Christmas programs. Next year, their ward meets at 8:30 a.m. I told Tandy that they should all just sleep in their church clothes. Ha. OR--it could be the "year of the Muu Muu and pony tail." She didn't agree. ha. 8:30 is ridiculously early to get self and 3 kids ready for church, fed and out the door. Yikes.

So, we'll be heading hom to Cedar on Tuesday, un less the weather scares us home more quickly. There's supposed to be snow on Tuesday in Cedar...but not as much as our missionary in Washington DC got! Blizzard conditions out there--2 feet of snow.

Gonna go play with grand kids.

UPDATE: For photos, check on Suz's and Tandy's blogs! Good job, ladies! And Nick. Damian, Ella and I had gone for a walk around the BIG block, looking at Christmas lights, so we were absent when the group photo was snapped. But Nick photoshopped us in! Just like that! What a talent, to tweak history like that. (Hey, we walked in the door within a couple of minutes after it was over and folks had started to disperse) They did try to call me--My cell phone was in my purse. Under the stairs. In the house. ;-)

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Hali said...

Glad everyone is home, safe and sound. Happy holidays!