Monday, January 18, 2010

The Long Weekend

I probably shouldn't be posting things quite yet, because the weekend is not over! But we had a fun Sunday evening with Damian and family from CA and my cousin Suz and her family--also from the same town in California. Damian said he needed to stick with their tradition of driving long distances to visit with them. They really only live 10 minutes away from each other in CA (same Stake, different wards), yet seldom see each other unless they've driven long distances. This one must be about the longest, however. Instead of meeting in Disneyland or Huntington Beach, they met in MY town! ha. OK, so I never really got a good picture of them. I tried. You can kind of see Kirk's head there on the right.
And here are all the kids. I guess Great-Grandma didn't realize all the adults had gone to the living room. We thought she was very brave. Gail and I were hoping she turned off/down her hearing aids because it was very LOUD in the kitchen!! Crazy Cousins!
We just all had dinner together on Sunday night. I'd hoped to play games, too, but we were just too busy visiting and the time flew by too quickly. It was fun. That's the first time Suz and family has ever been to my house, and we hope it won't be the last!

We also had a nice visit with one of the kids who went to school with D & T AND lived in our neighborhood. We had such a nice group of kids graduate that year. So many from just our street! I think every house on the block had a HS grad, and Jen was one street over, along with a few others on that street. I think there were about 12 or 15 kids from just our ward that year. And now, they are pushing 15 years out of HS! How do we get so old???? Hmmm? !!! It was fun to visit with Jen, because she lived for about three years in the Derwood Ward in Maryland where Eric served those first months of his mission. (She moved just last year.)

Damian brought a gift for us. It's a flag that was flown over his headquarters base in Afghanistan. He and Nick re-folded it. A photo of the certificate that accompanied the flag follows.

Today is Monday, and we're just going to chill. Caroline and Lexi had a sleep over at Grandma Linda's house. I get to do the laundry I postponed on Saturday, and Mike gets to help Gail and Seth moved the last of their stuff out of their home in Sevier County. Which SHOULD be selling/closing very soon--we hope, we hope, we hope and pray that it will very soon!!

It IS supposed to be snowy for days, but we have only seen clouds and more clouds. One flake. It didn't count ;-)

Tuesday, Ella gets to stay with me while Lexi and Braeden go to ski camp and their folks get to ski/board at Brian Head. So I get a FOUR day weekend!! Yay! Hopefully she won't be too bored with me.

Happy Long Weekend! Thanks, Mr. King :-)


Suzanne said...

It definitely will not be our last visit and next time you can count us in as your hotel guests. :-) Thank you so much for the wonderful food and company. We had such a good time. I do wish, though, that could have accomplished the game thing. Next time. ;-)

Donna said...

Sounds like such a great time. I wish we lived closer again.... But then I wouldn't be back to basking in 60 degree plus weather again. Aaahhhhh back to warmth again at home thank goodness the cold snap wasn't MY ideal winter weather!!