Saturday, July 10, 2010


June 23 was our travel date. Mom and I had practically no difficulty difficulty getting to Boston. Seth drove us to the shuttle stop in St. George. We made it in the nick of time. The ride was fine to Las Vegas Airport. We breezed right through security and got to the gate in no time. We had plenty of time to wait, as the shuttle choices were either to get us there with only 30 minutes to spare, or 2 1/2 hour. We opted for the longer one.
The picture about is the only picture I took while we rode our trolley around Boston on Thursday the 24th of June. "Old Town Trolley" Sound familiar? I think I've ridden one of those in Savannah, Georgia. I was just so busy looking around, listening to the narration that I didn't even think about taking pictures. Except the one above of the Boston Public Library. Of course. ;-)

We also had lunch on the wharf that day. I believe we ate at "Legal Sea Foods" or something. It was air conditioned, and that was a MUST at this point. The trolley was not air-conditioned and we were melting. I asked the people across to take a nice tacky touristy picture of us eating together.

Following our meal, we went on a harbor cruise around Boston Harbor. It was also narrated. I took quite a few pictures here (I'd remembered the purpose of a camera by this time), but because my new computer uploads photos ridiculously S L O W L Y, I'm only putting in a couple of the whole trip. Talk about frustrating. That's why I seldom blog. I was just getting the hang of it, then they go and change my computer. Grrr.
Back to Boston. Here's the lovely sky line. It was a lovely day. About 94 degrees. I thought the Harbor Cruise would be cool and breezy, but it was not. It was hot and breezy. I enjoyed the narration, though.
Above: this is as close as we got to the USS Constitution. "Old Ironsides" Bunker Hill monument is the obelisk you can see in the background.

Our Adventure in Boston was complete in a lot of ways because we Drove to the Alewife "T" station, rode the subway into town, changed lines, found the trolley stop, rode the trolley around for about 2 hours, ate out on the Wharf, took the Harbor Cruise, then took a different "T" back to the station and found our car (it'd rained there), drove it to our hotel--and we were tired! It was enough. The trolley ride showed us lots of sites we'd never have been able to walk around in to see, so that was a good thing. It was very hot, however. Even the subway underground stations were stifling hot. Most of the elevators worked, though, so that was another good thing.

The next day, Friday, we went to the temple. It's in Belmont and we actually drove past it on our way to the subway station the previous day. Our hotel was clear out in Burlington. We enjoyed staying there (well, I did) because I could find the grocery store, it was close to the freeway AND it was an extended stay so we cooked our instant oatmeal breakfast each day that I'd brought and we had fruit and juice. I'm sure Mike was glad he didn't have to be there to share in the instant oatmeal breakfasts. ha.

The temple was lovely. The session was small. The people were nice. One lady had just been to Cedar City Utah to attend her niece's graduation from SUU. Nice photo, huh?
After we went back to the hotel room to change and grab a snack to go, we drove to Lexington and found an American Heritate museum or something like that, where we caught another trolly! Yay for Trollies! This one was air conditioned and our guide was a sweet lady who was costumed. We drove past the sites in Lexington and Concord, and when we got to Concord, we got out (except Mom, who waited on the bus) and walked over the old North Bridge over the Concord River (?), saw some monuments, took many more pictures, walked past the "Old Manse" and read plaques and listened to more narration about the Revolutionary War. The tour was nice. Again, it was incredibly hot while we were waiting for it outside the museum, so the air conditioning felt sooooo very nice. I stopped and parked next to the green in Lexington AFTER the tour to take some more photos. It was kind of different because the tour included tickets to go into a few of the places she pointed out, but they didn't stop. We would have had to gone back on our own to go on those building tours. I decided those two activities were plenty. We ate at Chili's in Burlington and retired fairly early. I spent the evenings studying my maps and game plan for the next day's drive.

The Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts.

A Minute Man monument by the bridge.
This is out of order It's Athena's driveway in New Hampshire. Pretty, huh?
Saturday the 26th of June was the purpose of this little jaunt to the North East. This is the church in Andover, Massachusetts. It's very ornate, from the 1700's, and not very typical of most of the little New England chapels we saw everywhere. I took more photos. You can ask me for my York Photo password if you want to see the rest. Or go look at my scrap bag. ha.

Berenice is standing by a "Holt" grave stone.
We traveled to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire on Sunday Morning. It was rainy and cool. We drove past Lake Winnepesaukee and it is the first vacation destination spot in America. At least, that's what the sign outside town said. I missed a turn and we were a tad late for church, but we got in and sat down during the opening song. So, technically, we were not late, according to my granddaughter's definition of being late for church! ha.

Church was small, nice, and we left before Relief Society to drive on up to Athena's. We had lunch with her and her husband at a little local (teeny tiny) general store. We went to their cute home and visited, Athena and I went for a short bike ride up their lane, a little walk through the woods. Gee, I really do need to post those pictures...I'll try to insert them later. Eh, maybe not. They'd probably delete the ones I already have posted. Don't think it hasn't happened because it has. Can you see why I am a challenged blogger?

We spent the night at a bed and breakfast called "Riverbend Inn" in Chochorua, left the next morning for Vermont. It rained the whole night long, so things were quite wet. Especially in Sharon Vermont. Below is a photo of me and Berenice standing by the monument. We had a great tour of the place in a little golf-cart car. It was pleasant and breezy, helping us to feel more comfortable in all that heat and humidity. It is a beautiful area and the visitor's center and grounds are just gorgeous and immaculate.

Yeah, well. There WAS a picture here of me and Berenice, but it deleted when I backspaced. And now it's gone and I'm not going out to find it. Have you noticed there's no "undo" in these templates? Grrr.

So, we went to Plymouth. Here's some pictures. I'm going to bed. G'nite from the bloggerly challenged! Anybody want to write my blog for me? I give up.


Skinner Family said...

Boston is a great place. Thank you for sharing!

Hali said...

Aww...looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing :-)

Donna said...

at least you TAKE pictures - I vote dump them on there then put what they are order be darned.
I typically go through my photos and write down what I will put on the blog (pick and choose) then add them in reverse order... add the last ones first...
then they are in order... just one blogger hint.. and NO, I don't even do mine... I have to put out the ones from Florida this weekend because it was a nice mini-vacation sans kids for the most part ..

Suzanne said...

I know it's a pain in the neck to upload photos on here, but it's so worth it to all of us that read about what you're doing. Thanks for taking the time. They are great pictures and it looks like a good time...allbeit a hot trip. When we went there 8 years ago it was record breaking heat. Fun times! ugh. :-)

kt_kc said...

Gee that's such a great name for a boat! I think I am more bloggerly challenged than you though, I don't know how to make it a continuous blog with more than 5 photos at a time. Boston looks nice, I want to go someday.