Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Drain Game

Sometimes it seems futile to try and keep up with EVERYthing. I mean, really. There's just a lot of stuff to occupy one's time. We have house work and yard work. And work-work. And there are meals to prepare (but very VERY few--thank you very much, Gail Dear), dishes to wash and produce to preserve--IF the tomatoes ever produce anything worth eating. And there are committees to serve on and meetings to attend and stuff. Just more and more and more stuff.

People (other people, not me) have been known to say, "Gee, there's nothing to do in this small little po-dunk town!"

But, I beg to differ. There's too much. Football games (college AND high school--two HS and Mike knows and teaches players on both teams) are going right now. And volley ball and soccer. There's probably more sports, too. Later there will be basketball and gymnastics. And there's always some sort of festival of sorts going on. Or a fun run, or a bake sale. There are cultural events out the wazoo. We just got invited to attend the Orchestra of Southern Utah events. We have tickets to Cedar City Music Arts, thanks to the generous gift of my Mother-in-Law. There are still some Fall season plays going for the Utah Shakespearean Festival. I could get tickets for the SUU visual and performing arts events, including drama and musical productions.

I didn't mention that we have a third-grade grand-daughter living here and she's probably going to have some sort of a production in the coming months. They always do. And my co-worker is having a baby, so we need to schedule a shower in there, too. Mike has some scout camps and stuff coming up. Stuff. Always stuff.

And, truly, it is the STUFF that life is made of. Really. I'm not complaining. But I am rebelling.

Sort of.

I usually obtain tickets to the university plays, music, etc. Last year we enjoyed a few plays, other concerts, BBall games and Gymnastics meets. But this year, I've decided to just lay low. I WANT to be home. I WANT to spend time in my house. I did not get tickets for the music or arts or athletics on campus this year. I have already used all my vouchers for USF, so that's done. We do have tickets for a few events between now and April, but that's about it. Music Arts is once a month only. And I'm done. I don't want to see all the STUFF this year.

I don't think I'll be missing out, or be anti-social. I'll still go to my water-aerobics class when I can (it's been a while....I'm working on it), and maybe yoga once or twice a week. I got to read a few novels lately and it was FUN. I'm a librarian, for pete's sake, and I seldom have time to read! So, I think now I will. Notice, I didn't promise to get the dishes done or the lawn aerated ;-)

I have my priorities! ( I didn't even mention all the Church stuff. They're still on the list of things to keep, so I'll be plenty busy.)


Tandy said...

When you decide that you're done with your break from the STUFF... let me know, and you can have some of mine! Hahaha! J/K I would never do that to you! But I hear you... sometimes it's just overwhelming... so much so that it debilitating. Sad. But true! Read a book for me. We're still... STILL reading the Chronicles of Narnia here... STILL. Sheesh... it's taking a while. :)

Suzanne said...

Good for you, Linda. There is always STUFF to do, but you have to prioritize it. I think I have a gift for that, quite frankly. I don't seem to fill my schedule up too much. It happens some weeks, but I've learned that if I do that it's not a good thing. I don't do well with overfilling my plate. And I HAVE to read. I LIVE for reading, so I cannot and will not give that up. Happy staying at home this season. Yay for you!

galleygrapevine said...

I hear ya, I used to be bogged down with all kinds of this and that, then I learned how to say NO and only do the things that involved my kids or I felt I had the time for. Life is a lot more kicked back and I am a lot less stressed.

Donna said...

I don't seem to have the schedule that most mom's have... however, I don't seem to jump when the school states they need something.
I will be doing concessions starting Friday... however, that will be less and less.... they don't seem to have as many home games this year. Yeah me!