Wednesday, October 27, 2010


A college campus in the fall--nothing better, right? RIGHT! I love it here. I love my job. I love fall. I took the library's camera out on a little break this afternoon and snapped a few pictures.

I first began blogging about this same time of year...well, summer time anyway, three whole years ago. My how times flies when we're having fun! I think time flies even when we are NOT having fun, but then, I'm just getting kind of old. :-)

A favorite walk of mine (below). I take it almost daily on my way to take the daily deposit to the cashier's office. These maple trees are all shades of reds and yellows this year. I don't remember them being so vibrant. Of course, this picture doesn't do it justice. This is looking east toward the Centurium statues, for those of you familiar with campus.
The one below is actually taken from the window that's by my desk. I don't actually SEE that view because my back is to the window and it's way up on the wall. So, when I stood on a chair to take the photo, my co-worker gave me an odd look.. . . I just left her wondering. ha.

However, I DO see this little scene every time I return to my work station after helping a person at the front desk. It just makes me smile. :-) I mean, really--what's not to like about glowing leaves shining through the brisk fall air--right into my face. So what if there was snow on the mountain the other morning (it has since melted away from our immediate view), and my pretty tropical plants are traumatized because I left them out on the front porch too long? It's Fall! I get to ride my bike through crunchy leaves on my commute to and from work each day.

Caroline and I have been on walks a couple of evenings this week and we noticed the smell of wood-burning stoves and fire places. I had to tell her why it smelled like "fire?" I think she was alarmed, initially. It reminds us of the summer when there have been (not this year, thankfully) forest fires burning nearby.

Happy Fall, everyone. Oh, and I happen to love the food aspects of this season, too. Especially chocolate Halloween candy . . .candy corn. . . then Thanksgiving, etc. (Oooh, I can feel the pounds piling on already!)


Hali said...

Awww... I do love fall. And SUU. Can't wait to go for my own little walk around campus.

See you next week! :-)

Suzanne said...

Beautiful pictures! You're town is very pretty and I can only imagine it in the Fall. How I wish our Fall was like yours in color and in coldness. :-)