Monday, November 22, 2010

All Girls Weekend, 2010

We were a small group. Tandy, Suz, Sandi, Aunt Tuny, Mom, Donna, me, Janet, Jessica. I missed having my girls there this year. We stayed at the Trump. Nice.
Me and Tandy. She stayed for a short time. Arrived on Thursday evening and we four went out to eat. She left Friday morning to head to Cedar City/ Kanarraville to check on her mom. Pam broke her ankle earlier in the week. Tandy and I look like we could be related, huh? I'll keep her.
This seems to be a running theme for our meetings. Suz and her holey socks. And this was before we'd done much walking at all! ha. We had such a fun time visiting in the room on Friday evening afternoon/evening.
Friday MORNING was such a highlight, though. After Tanday left, and Janet and Jessica were sleeping in, Donna, Mom and I headed over to Hoover Dam and the new bridge. It was very impressive. Donna and I walked up to an over look over the dam but Mom waited in the car. Then Mom decided she wanted to go on a helicopter ride OVER the bridge, dam and lake! So we all three did! Such fun. Such fantastic views. Donna's blurry, but the scenery was crystal clear from where we were. The ride was all of 6 minutes, but very memorable and fun. It's hard to take it all in because you want to look everywhere at once.

I was lucky and got to sit in the front next to the pilot and the floor is clear. Talk about thrilling. You can kind of tell by the W I D E grin, huh? ;-)
Here's our chopper. Small, reliable company (or so they said, and we believed them), they fly at 800 feet, so we're pretty close to everything there is to see.
This is a great shot Donna took as we drove down to the visitor's center area. O'Callaghan Tillman Bridge is the name. Very impressive size. Beautiful. The ride across it is NOT beautiful, however. You cannot even tell you are on the bridge because the side walls are so high. Safety first.
Isn't this spectacular? I love the shadow of the bridge on the dam. Look how low the water in Lake Mead is! That's quite a bathtub ring around it.
If you look closely on the bridge, you can see me. I'm standing by the railing, raising my hand, waaaay down the sidewalk. It's quite the view down below.
The rest of Friday was spent meeting with Janet and Jessica for lunch at the Circus Circus Buffet. Then Donna and I each went to the SPA at the Trump and had a one hour massage. We felt pretty nice after that. Later that night, we all went out for Mexican food together. I actually skipped that meal and just had the chips and salsa. Mom, too. We were still full from lunch!

Here we are on Saturday morning, meeting for Breakfast. We ate at this pancake house some years ago for breakfast and had a lot of fun. And a lot more food, too! The table was plenty full this time around as well. Tandy and Suzi were experimenting with camera settings so Suz could figure out how to blur backgrounds, etc. Tandy does a good job with her photos, so she was using me and Donna as guinea pigs as we sat chatting while waiting for our table to be prepared. There was a little topiary plant next to us, and Tandy just kept snapping and snapping away at the two of us, trying different settings. I think people nearby must have thought Donna and I were celebrities since we were having our pictures taken so much. ha
Saturday night was the food challenge. We worked up to this big meal by shopping at the outlet mall or other shops, I swam laps in the pool. Donna and Janet left after eating and they saw "Love" at the Mirage. We watched home movies Mom had converted from 8mm to VHS to DVD and it was so fun to see all those! We will each get a copy. Fun stuff. Little Sandi on her blessing day, Mom as a bride, family vacations, Suz as a teenager visiting the farm in Texas. There was a wide variety. I can't wait to show them to my family/kids. They will get a kick out of some of those.
Sunday morning early I took Mom and Donna to the airport. Then I came back to our room to have a nap, eat a bite ("Why?!" you might ask.), wait for Aunt Tuny's room to get up. Janet and Jessica said goodbye that morning, too, and headed to Provo. I spent the rest of the day with Aunt Tuny, Sandi and Suz. They wanted to see the Dam and the Bridge, too, so I went along for the ride and the cousins took the helicopter ride! Aunt Tuny does not like heights or rides, so she and I waited for them, enjoying the nice mild day. The main difference between when I went there on Friday with Mom and Donna was that there was NO traffic and we breezed on out there. Sunday, there was a LOT of traffic and it was slow going. We drove across the dam to take pictures, and also meandered through the old town of Boulder City, too.
I spent Sunday afternoon and evening with them, we stopped at Walmart, went out to eat (Uncle Gary's treat for his girls, but I was just tagging along, so THANKS, Uncle Gary!), then back to our room for more home movies, visiting, a little time in the jetted tub (below). I headed home early Monday morning so I could be at work by 1 pm. And I made it. I was kind of sleepy the rest of the day, but it was so worth it! Thanks, everyone, for coming!
This is a huge tub in our rooms. They were all this big, as we all had upgraded rooms because Donna's reservation was "lost." We benefited. The video of these girls is hilarious. I wish I could post it, but I'm technologically challenged. Use your imagination. They are a hoot, those gals.

Sisters (Linda and Donna)
Sisters (Sandi and Suzi)
Sisters ( Aunt Tuny and Mom)


Suzanne said...

It WAS a fun time, wasn't it? I want that picture of Sandi and me. Is that from your camera? Can you send it to me, pretty please (with a cherry on top)?

Tandy said...

Thanks for deciding to keep me! ;o) Sorry I was so flaky for the trip. Boo on broken ankles!

Mom said...

Oh, it was soooooo much fun!! And it looks like it was all about FOOD! Linday, I don't believe you gained 9 pounds! C'mon! REALLY?
Love, Aunt Tuny