Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cedar City Birthday Ball

Sometimes it is REALLY hard to get a decent picture.

The Birthday Ball changed venues this year. Instead of being held in the SUU Ballroom (which was carpeted last summer!), it was moved to the Heritage Theater. It was nice. Tables in the lobby. A nice serving/kitchen area. The stage was cleared for dancing. Door prize drawings ( a first) were held in the Theater, too.

Somebody's got to clean all those dutch ovens. I believe Eric cleaned 36 by the end of Saturday. Thanks, Eric!Happy Servers. Sorry, guys, didn't catch your names.

Lots of cake, ice cream, and signs that needed cleaning for storage till next year.
Happy Birthday, Cedar City! Mike put on another great party. I'm usually at All Girls' Weekend when this is going on. I don't miss the work that this event entails! But Mike truly does shine. I didn't manage to get any pictures of the full theater during the Ballroom Dancer's floor show, or the CROWDS of people enjoying Dutch Oven Cobbler and Ice Cream, long lines of people waiting to get in and make their food pantry donations (a first). We collected 6 boxes of food and hundreds of dollars for our local Care and Share.

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Donna said...

Glad you were finally able to make it!!