Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One more Non-Fiction

I finally finished "Between Two Worlds : My Life and Captivity in Iran" by Roxana Saberi.
I attended her presentation at an SUU Convocation last month. It was great. I seem to have an Iranian theme to (some of) my readings of late. I read another last year, too, [Daughter of Persia by Farman-Farmaian, Sattareh] about families in Iran/Persia and the society of the multiple wives, etc., living in family compounds, etc. Over the past two to three years, I've also included a couple of Afghan books and one about African civil wars, etc. I think I'm finally growing up and beginning to branch out beyond Juvenile Fiction. Nah, Juvenile Fiction is still my favorite. I long for them. I'm waiting to borrow one from Caroline that she got for Christmas. She should be done soon. She's a speedy reader.

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