Friday, May 25, 2012


 This is a random photo of some wall art. (the camera angle makes it appear very skewed. it's not)  The Scrabble board was our Christmas gift from Gail. I've posted it before. The family name sign under it was a gift given to me my one of my graduating student-workers.  It's a cut metal plate, painted black and has hooks for keys or something on it.  Custom job, nicely done, by her brother with a cool machine.  It was incredibly sweet of her to do that for ALL us supervisors!!  Thanks, Kim.  It's so nice to get to know a wonderful crop of students every year and send them off into the world at graduation.  We have had some really wonderful student workers this past year--and generous, as demonstrated by the photo above.
 Eric picked a whole bunch of chives in our back yard for a large Dutch oven diner that Mike is doing today. It's the last day of school and the faculty and staff are getting together to celebrate and have lunch together.  Mike and one other co-worker are doing the dutch oven dishes and others are bringing salads.  Mike also squeezed the last of the Temecula Lemons and made a huge thermos jug of lemonade to serve!  That was a lot of juicing!!
But back to the chives.  This vase was left on my kitchen table.  That's a lot of chive blossoms.  I was the one who told Eric to just cut off everything near the bottom of the plant, hold on to the blooms, and what falls out will be the tender leaves you need for the potato dish.  So that's what he did.  We have more than one plant of chives and the blooms are nice. They do not stink, either.  Well, not unless you stick your nose right in them.  Looking at them, they remind me of clover.  And clover reminds me of "Horton Hears a Who" by Dr. Seuss.  Do you suppose there are any Who's living on my chive blossoms?  Shall we listen closely and see?

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