Sunday, June 30, 2013

We have another Doctor in the House!

Nick received his PharmD degree in Salt Lake City on June 8.  We drove up there from Cedar City on that Saturday morning.  Mike and I, his mom,  Eric.  We met at Nick and Kaylee's house and they fixed brunch for us.  The graduation ceremony was at Kingsbury Hall on the campus of the  University of Utah. Hall.  Here is what it looks like.

It was a very nice program, but my camera did not work well in the auditorium.  I even tested it while we were waiting!!  Nick really got a kick out of dressing up like "Wizards," as he referred to the robes and regalia.  He even made a wizard's wand for the graduation speaker, just in case he should feel  a need to cast a spell or something. ha.  Silly boy.

We took a few photos out on the lawn afterward that DID turn out OK, so I'll post those eventually.

Mike and I picked up Berenice's friend, Kay Johnson Nelson from Hawaii who was in the state for her step grand-daughter's wedding.  She'd been to the temple wedding, so I met her downtown and we (just Kay and I) walked around in the visitor's center and the conference center, then I put her on the Trax train to go meet up with her family in Sandy for a wedding reception in Orem or something like that.  It was a logistically challenging day for me.  The whole weekend was.  Eric went somewhere else after, too.  I walked to Gateway from the Main Street trax stop.  I figured it would be just as fast to walk as it would be to wait for the next train.  I was pretty close.  I can't remember if we met for dinner at 5 or at 4 pm. but I was only a couple of minutes late.

Mike's sister, Gayela, joined us for dinner, too.  Eric headed to Provo to see a play with some friends, Nick and Kaylee went to their home and Mike and I headed to a hotel.  We had a free one-night stay from last year's hotel mess ups when Katie and Casey came for Nick and Kaylee's wedding, so that came in handy.  We went to church with Nick and Kaylee at their ward on Sunday morning, then headed south to pick up Berenice and Kay.  Then we stopped in Provo and picked up Eric (I think...)

Monday, it was back to work for me.  One of the five whole days I showed up for work in the month of June!  Eric played tour guide for his grandma and Kay and drove them around part of the Grand  Circle of National Parks for the day.  Kay stayed in Cedar/St. George for the next two days, then went back to Hawaii.  We have stayed at her house in Kealakikua in the past.  She is a very gracious hostess.  It was nice to see her again.  She'd never been to Cedar City before.  Some mutual friends (Dee and Ruth Snarr) who live in St. George now (and used to live in Kay's stake in HI) came to take her to St. George for one day, too.  Kay certainly saw lot of the state on this trip!  We never even took one picture of her (with my camera) while she was here.  I guess she'll just have to be my "Imaginary Friend." ha.
 This was my test photo while we were waiting. I zoomed in on the stage area.  Not too bad.

 And this is what it turned in to!  Yikes.  I actually ended up with a fairly decent video (for me.)  But I tried posting videos to my blog once.  Three days later....   yeah.  They take too long to load.

 Nick was anxious to get out of the hot, hot wizards robes and hoods and hat and ribbons and stuff.

 Someone elses' camera must have the picture that was taken of all us under the tree with Nick.  Maybe it's on his blog.
 This is a serious case of "Hat Hair."

 Or, is THIS the serious case of "hat hair"?  You be the judge. ha
 I became the holder of many things while waiting.  For what, I can't remember.  We were just trying to figure out who was going where for what and how.  Like I said:  Logistically difficult for me.  So I just held things.

Nice outside view of the theater/hall/auditorium.  It was a perfect day!!
JUNE 8, 2013

(That's what the plaque said on the front of the mortar and pestal I gave him for his graduation gift. )

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