Friday, July 5, 2013

A Small Town Fourth of July

We were finally able to make it back to Kanarraville, UT for their classic Small Town Fourth of July.  It is REALLY small.  We are so glad that Tandy and her extended family extends the invitation to us so we can join them in the fun.

 The Christensen Clan generally puts a float in the parade, and this year was no exception.  The only difference was, THIS year, they didn't get the grand prize, I don't think.  They usually place or something (yes, they have judges for the parade!).  We have George Washington on this float (played by Braeden), and Betsy Ross with the flag on her lap (that would be Ella), and a variety of pioneers, military folks and others who make up America!

 I don't know where the others were watching the parade from, but this was our shady spot right at the front of the main street parade route.  Eric, Kaylee, Mike, Berenice and me.  I guess Nick was taking the photo.  Oh yes.  I didn't think to pick up my camera when leaving home, so Nick and Kaylee shared these photos with me.  Thanks kids!  And thanks for taking the time and effort to drive down here for the holiday.  If Katie and Casey had been here, we would have had all our kids here!!
 A good parade must include horses.  This gal's is silver-draped.
 There were some decorated 4-wheelers with kids throwing candy.  We also had a lot of candy thrown in this parade.  Since we were at the front of the route, we had a LOT of candy tossed out to our little group. Maybe we looked hungry or something.  ha.  We just look like we like candy--and we do!
And here is OUR float!  Damian is driving it and it's just full of all sorts of characters.  But they didn't throw candy this time. :-)

They squirted silly string at us!! 

 There were floats and floats (of a sort) a hot-rod whose driver Mike apparently knew, and the ending Fire Engine.

 This is NOT the all-volunteer fire dept of Kanarraville.  These are kids.  However, you will be interested to know that Kanarraville has a Volunteer Fire Department that is ALL FEMALE.  Very impressive.  Maybe these are all their kids. ha.

Part of the Candy haul.  Mmmmm, Candy.

After the parade, people pack into the town hall for a pariotic salute/talent/variety show.  It's always a lot of fun.  Tandy has been in charge of that undertaking for a number of years (but not this particular one) and has clogged her way through a number of them, as well.  Yes, Tandy and many of her friends know how to clog dance and do it very well, I might add.    There was always an older gentleman who Emcee'd at this event, and he would always wave the American flag during musical numbers, etc.  Since he's passed away in recent years, his son has taken over that job, so here he is below, waving the flag.  Patriotism runs deep in little Kanarraville (population way less than 500, I think).  This was a group of fiddlers.  Check out the teeny-tiny fiddler in the next photo.

We did some patriotic sing-alongs, listened to performances, readings, watched dancers.  Fun stuff.

 After the program we headed up to a place called "Cobble Crest."  There is an old concrete shell theater/stage/dance/concert venue that has been a part of the town since the 1930's.  There is a concession stand and lots of shady grass and  picnic tables.  We ate our lunch up there. Funds support the Volunteer Fire Department and definitely alleviates some of the stress of Pam having to feed everyone EVERY meal!  She is such a great hostess for these events.

After Lunch, I took Eric & Berenice and went back to Cedar.  I wanted to have a nap and cool off for a bit, so I made a couple of batches of cookies first, to take back and share for dinner, and THEN I napped.  So did Berenice.  I think Eric might have, too.  We went back to Kanarraville and Pam's house and they put together a wonderful spread of hot dogs and cheeseburgers with all the trimmings.  [their family had some water fights while I was home.  part of the tradition i chose to avoid. ha]  Then we waited for it to get dark and went to the church parking lot to set off massive amounts of fireworks and enjoy everyone else's, too.

While we were waiting, there were some other activities involving pop-its" and diet Coke and Mentos, as well as some other things not to be mentioned here.  My family does like to destroy things, though.  This year it was an old TV and not a toilet.  I think they had fun destroying it, and now Mike gets to take its pieces to the dump. ha.

We were so glad Nick and Kaylee could come down for the holiday!  Gail and her kids were there (and Seth off and on between other assignments).

Damian had to leave in the wee hours of the morning to head home to CA as they are leaving and movers were coming to pack away their first and earliest shipment of stuff.  They well be in Guam by mid-month!  But Tandy and the kids will be here until Saturday, then drive home.

On the Fifth of July, Eric, Nick, Kaylee, Tandy, plus kids and their California Neighbors/Dear Friends who had come to enjoy the classic Kanarraville  Fourth, all went on a hike to Kanarraville Falls.  It's a gorgeous little slot canyon, just a mile or two from Pam's house.  Amazing.  I would have gone with them, but I pulled a calf muscle on our last day in DC and it's just not all better yet.  I thought it was, but then when I jumped out of the way of a 4-wheeler while picking up candy at the parade, I pulled it again and was limpy the rest of the day.  I didn't think it would be fun to try and jump over a rock and wrench it again, so I stayed home. It is really nice to have time off work.

Tonight (Friday the 5th) we have plans to attend the Utah Shakespeare Festival greenshow in the evening and then the kids are coming to my place for a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa.  :-D

Happy Fourth of July, everyone.!!  God Bless America.

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