Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend up North

One BYU Football game.
My first in over 30 years.  It was fun to go with Nick and Kaylee.  We had WONDERFUL seats on the 50 yard line!!  Wow, what a view.  Yes, we were up kind of high, but that's what it looks like from the TV angle, so we enjoyed it.  No wind, though it was a bit chilly (low 40's.)  We came prepared with hats and gloves and coats and blankets.  And our team won! What's not to like?

One fun visit with Robert at his house.  Mike and I spent the night there.

Saturday, we met briefly with Gayela and Mike's Mom to make plans for the rest of the day.  I also did some texting and planning for a Saturday evening meal with our scrappers and others.

Mike tore out Nick's shower in their apartment.  They discovered a leak in the closet wall/floor behind the shower, so it needed to be repaired.  And the only way to repair things like that is to rip it all out!  So they did.  Kaylee and I visited during that part. She also ran to get them supplies from here and there.  Nick did all the running up and down the stairs with buckets of torn-out tile and wallboard.  He does have a job before him!  What a mess.  Kaylee fixed us a nice salad for lunch and we had a short visit with her folks, too, while we were there.

After all that dirty work, Mike got cleaned up and we picked up his Mom at Gayela's house and we drove to Ogden to attend his cousin's son's wedding open house.  It was fun to visit with cousins he seldom gets to see, and ones I've only ever met a time or two.  Except for this one cousin, Eileen Ashcraft. It was her son's open house and he's actually spent the night at our home.  We have seen her quite a few times in recent years and she's a fun gal.  She has a nice big family, and they had some fun treats at this open house!  One treat was a "Popcorn Bar," so I made us snack bags for the drive back to Cedar City that night.  Yummy stuff.  But we didn't end up eating them because we were too full from dinner.

When we left the wedding open house, it was to head to South Salt Lake area to have dinner with lots of people at the Cheesecake Factory!  Yummmy.  We got there around 4:30, got seated outside by 5 or so, and eventually all the people who were supposed to be there arrived--a total of 15.

In attendance: Me and Mike, Mike's mom Berenice, Mike's sister Gayela, Robert and Janet and Sarah, Donna (from Georgia!), Gail (from Rock Springs!), Nick and Kaylee, Eric and Brittney Autrey with their 2 little boys. Amanda was the only one who didn't make it, sadly.  Actually, it wasn't "Sad" because she was being a good little gal and attending the Relief Society Broadcast.  Kaylee left a bit early to attend with her Mom, as well.

We had a lot of food.  Eating outdoors was just a bit chilly sometimes for the grandma's and great grandma, but not too bad.  I thought it was MUCH nicer than inside where it is so dark and noisy and busy and oh-SOOOooo crowded!  We really enjoyed ourselves. It was sunny, fairly warm (for the end of September and there was snow on the mountains!), and the traffic noise of cars and people was at a minimum.  Really.  I'd eat out there in the winter!  We all got our cheesecake to go, said our goodbyes there in the parking lot, traded bags for deliveries (I hope you got your soup, Mom!) and headed on our way.   Mike and and I Berenice had one more stop at Nicks to get some paperwork [and drop him off at his house!], and then we headed home.  We had good flow of traffic on the freeway all the way and drove into Cedar at 10:15 p.m.  Long day, but nice one.  So fun to see Gail and Donna, even though I didn't get to sit next to either and visit very much, but at least we got to give hugs and exchange packages. ;-)

Donna posted a picture of the group of us that Eric A. took with my phone on her Blog, I believe.

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