Saturday, June 7, 2014

Memorial Day

I didn't take many pictures on Memorial Day, but our family did make the trek up to Provo, American Fork and Springville Utah to decorate family members' graves.

We drove up early on Monday morning and met Gayela at American Fork. It's always nice to have so many fresh flowers from our yards with which to decorate.  Mikes' Grandpa Liebhardt was known for his beautiful peonies in his yard, so we always try to have that kind of flower for them.  Thankfully, Gayela has a friend who shares hers with us.  Ours were gorgeous--weeks earlier in May!  But we did have lots of iris blooms left.  And some pink stuff.

We met Nick and Kaylee in Provo and later went to the park to eat a wonderful picnic that Gayela had prepared. We only added a few things.  She made lots of salads and it was yummy!  We also had great weather the whole day.  Sunny and warm, no wind. Perfect.  At Provo park, we visited with some of Mike's cousins and seconds cousins, etc.  I remember a few names...and from both sides of his parents' families.  It (the Memorial Day reunion at the park) has really changed and evolved over the years as the old folks have died), but at least some people still meet and try to keep those connections going.  I have a few pictures saved on my Google Drive.  If someone can tell me how to get them easily from there to here, I'd happily post them.  Otherwise, it's just a happy accident if it happens.

After the park, Mike and his mom went to Springville to decorate his Aunt LaPrele's grave, but Gayela dropped me off at Robert and Janet's house and I got to visit with my brother for a bit.  Then Mike and his Mom came by.  We went to Nick's house and took Berenice to Gayela's to spend the night there. I think the heat really took a toll on Berenice (like close to heat stroke) that day.  She did more walking than she's used to, also, and was kind of sickly that afternoon and evening.

Mike and spent a nice evening playing games with Nick and Kaylee after dinner (tacos--Mike's favorite!) and retired early.  Their basement is positively frigid.  Luckily, we like sleeping cold and had plenty of blankets.  Their new guest bed is quite comfy, and they are such nice hosts!

Tuesday morning, they went off to work early and we spent some time at Gayela's, went out to Lunch at Sizzler, then Mike and his mom had an appointment to have shots in their knees.  I got to watch and listen. It was educational.  And those shots are very helpful!  We're so glad.

Then we drove home to Cedar City and got back at a decent hour in the evening--still light at 8 pm.  Nice.  No heavy traffic, no car trouble, no illness.  Good trip.  We love those kinds.  And it was fun to visit with kids for a bit, too!


Eric Liebhardt said...

It's still light out here at 22:30. Granted, it's about 23:30 now. Hehe.
Glad I can read this!

Suzanne said...

Sounds like a great time!