Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kitchen closer to being done!

Here's the finished paint and valance and floor for those who asked.  I still don't have new rugs or new towels yet. I still haven't put stuff back.  Hmmm. It still is getting cluttered. It's a losing battle.

This is the "Before" And I think I like it better when it's filled with lots of family!
New tile backsplash behind the stove.

I did remove the yellow lining from the large valance and replaced it with white lining. I like it MUCH better.

I didn't re-do the smaller valance over the window. But the window sill is less full. The spider plants are gone. It was a pretty sunset this evening, too. But the pinks don't show up in the photo.:-( 

Yep...here it is again...all the clutter and stuff.  General Messiness.  That's Nick cooking breakfast for us last  Saturday on the 2nd of August.  He'd been hiking and canyoneering the day before and was heading home later that day. And I was busy so invited him to make breakfast while we were getting ready. So he did.  It's hard to tell your Mommy "no," no matter how old you are. :-)  

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Donna said...

Very pretty, want to come work on mine now?