Monday, September 8, 2014

Introducing Rachel

The newest member of our family joined us August 26.  Meet Rachel Liebhardt, Kaylee and Nick's cute little daughter.
Nick just got her all jammied up and ready for bed.  She's very alert and wiggly!

It takes MUCH concentration to give her a bath.

And she likes it. :-)

She went to her first Dr. Appointment, and was measured and poked and prodded and weighed.

It's a good thing she's wearing a diaper now, because once it came off, Rachel really let loose!

On the ride home from the Dr. Office. Whew. That was exhausting! And she's still smiling!! What a good baby.

Big YAWN!!!

AND me, enjoying some snuggle time. :-)  It's been fun...
Be sure to check Nick and Kaylee's blog--lots more details and plenty of pictures to come.  Their really cute newborn photos are showing up on Facebook, too.  Just adorable.

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Donna said...

Awh, grand babies!