Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Eating Out

I celebrated my birthday yesterday by going out to dinner at Red Lobster, Mother-in-Law's treat.  Of course, we had to drive to St. George to do it, so we waited until I was home from work and drove down there.
Mike had to check Home Depot about some marble he needed for a job first. Fail.
Then we headed to the restaurant. We didn't even have to wait, so that was nice.
We ate way too much food. I thought Mike and I had agreed a while back that we would get in the habit of eating less, split or share entrees, etc.
It didn't happen. 
I think he ordered something really big.
So did I.

Why, WHY do we DO that????
Ugh. But it was good. Shrimp, crab, lobster, more shrimp, salad, biscuits, cole slaw. Yeah. Lots of yummy food.

When the check came, Berenice pulled out some gift cards to pay the bill.  She uses those at Red Lobster all the time and we're happy to help her eat the food, drive her down there, etc.

The two cards seemed like just the perfect amount to cover the  bill AND the tip, so we discussed the fact that we didn't need to sit there. We didn't really need the receipt. Maybe we should just go?

But we didn't.  So we sat and visited a bit longer.

And it's a good thing. The waiter came back and said that the $50 gift card had only TEN dollars on it! Yikes! We would have shorted that fellow quite a sum of money. Wow. How embarrassing would THAT have been, to have someone flagging us down in the parking lot, or taking our license number or something.  'Hey, YOU! Get BACK here!!'

Ha!  All was well in the end.  The restaurant got their money, the waiter got his tip.  And we ate everything all up.  And the scenario is not unfamiliar to us. One other time she gave them a gift card that was supposed to have $25 on it, but only had $1.35 or something like that.  That was interesting, too, because she didn't have a whole bunch of those gift cards that time. We didn't get stuck washing dishes that time, either.

So much for the Biggest Loser group at Mike's work that we joined.  Might not be good for us, but it'll be really encouraging for all the others. ha.

Happy Birthday to me! ;-)

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Donna said...

You always have such fun food adventures