Saturday, March 5, 2016

Wisconsin, Twins and Moving

 I went to Wisconsin to meet our newest grandbabies AND to help tend and help them move to a new apartment. I left February 23 and returned March 2. More like March 3 since we didn't get home until 5 a.m. on the 3rd. That was a long day.
 Hayden is a new Cub Scout. Katie went out and got him some pants and the neckerchief, hat and belt. That was one of the few times I went out of the house while I was there. I sewed his  Bobcat badge on and hemmed the pants (temporarily with safety pins for the first night; sewn up correctly in time for next week's meeting).
 It was a pack meeting. Wednesday nights are also YW/YM, Activity Days for 8-11 yr olds, Scouts, ...busy night at the chapel. One activity that the boys just LOVED after their pack meeting was this Jenga game. It got pretty intense!  Hayden got a whole bunch of belt loops at the Pack Meeting.
 Sleeping Corbin, Sleeping Katie while feeding sleepy Hailey. My other time out of the house was to go to the grocery store with Katie, and one other time after the move to go to the laundry-mat. That's all. We stayed in the rest of the time. One day it was stormy, but the rest of the time was not too bad.


Hailey is so quick to smile!

 The newer house is coming together. They are still renting. A washer and dryer are coming soon. That's a good thing because that is the last of her disposable diapers...she has a great collection of cloth ones. I used them when we were still in the old place and she had access to a washer and dryer. They (the new-fangled cloth diapers) really are nice.  Much better than the old cloth diapers and rubber pants we used in the olden days.

 Katie, sorting baby clothes that were given to her. She has enough for both babies to not have to buy much of anything for about a year or more. We sorted through tubs and totes and bins and boxes of clothes, including the older boys' grown-ins and many clothes!

Sometimes Quintin is a smiley-guy, too. But I just couldn't capture it on my camera very often.

 Toward the end of my visit, both babies were getting the hang of finding their fists and gnawing on them. That's always satisfying for a baby!
The whole group of us. Wednesday, March 2, 2016.
This little cradle in the foreground is on loan. It's the favorite and they both sleep for hours when snuggled into it for naps during the day. One at a time, of course, so they take turns having longer naps.

Art time after school for the boys.  They had fun with paint and play-dough while Katie and I kept putting things together. And sorting clothes. Katie put her kitchen together all by herself, so she knows where everything is. It lacks a nice pantry like her old place had, so its a challenge to find space for everything.

Corbin took this picture of me and the babies. It is kind of tricky to get both of them picked up at the same time, but I managed -- without damaging anyone in the process. :-)

Just hangin' out on the little play mat. They really enjoy looking at the stuff hanging there. But sometimes they look way beyond it and find the ceiling fan and laugh at it.  Or, perhaps they are laughing at angles going for a spin on the ceiling fan?  Who knows what these little ones fresh from Heaven would tell us about what they see and know if they could only talk.

Hailey's hair is bright red and disappearing fast.

I had a great week at Katie and Casey's house.  We got a lot done. They've moved from a small 2 bedroom, one bathroom duplex to a much bigger one just a couple of blocks away. It was still a lot of packing and moving and unpacking and cleaning and sorting.  Katie plans to downsize before the next move. Or so she says. ha.  We ALL want to downsize, but us Liebhardt's are kind of hanger-on-ers. We are hanging on to all these cute grand-babies, that's for sure!


Donna said...

Cute babies, lots of work and I too have dreams of downsizing.

Britnee Autrey said...

Great pictures of the kids! So cute! I want to snuggle them! Really great picture of you and the babes! Looks like you had a lot of fun 8) lots of love!