Saturday, November 19, 2016

Little Logan Liebhardt

Hi, Little Logan!  So nice to meet you!  We did meet, the day he came home from the hospital at the beginning of October.  I came to their home to spend the week while Nick was in Chicago for a work assignment. He was presenting at a conference.

I got lots of baby snuggle time in. I tried taking photos. I'll leave that to the pros. 

I had lots of time to entertain Rachel, too. Or, rather, she entertained me!   She loves playing with her toys and her dollies. We had walks with her dollies in strollers in the basement regularly.

And Rachel might be part cat. She loves playing in boxes, too. ;-)

Kaylee spent some time going through many boxes of hand-me-down boy clothing from friends and family.  Rachel is wearing a lovely knit red sweater vest. Only she's wearing them as shorts. ha.

Smile Big!

Quick! Hide!
Find Rachel!

We went on a field trip to the library for a story time, but the space was filled. We read stories instead.

I made a "baby wrap" for Rachel to "wear" her baby doll.

I went to get ready for bed one night and found this teddy all tucked into my bed. Rachel left him there for me so I wouldn't get lonely.

These two (above) crack me up. Nick was going to work on a roof for a neighbor/ward member and he looks like "Farmer Nick."  Rachel was just wearing her boots and a diaper.
Cute little babies!!

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Kaylee said...

I love this pictures you took of Logan and Rachel! I'll have to steal some. Logan looks so tiny! Glad to see he's getting bigger.