Thursday, December 29, 2016


Latke Waffles

The Hebrew Festival of Lights started at sundown on Christmas Eve. To commemorate this occasion, our family had latkes for our dinner. (Bonus--these were potatoes we grew in our garden this year.) These are fried potato pancakes.  Only I actually cooked mine in the waffle iron instead of frying them in the oil.  The oil is the important part of the celebration, so I will remember to NOT leave that part out in the future (and potato pancakes just need to be fried.).  I was just trying to be healthy-er, and it looked interesting.  I've made fried "German Potato Pancakes" for years, so decided to try to be a bit more authentic for the holiday.  The blog I found the recipe on is written by a delightful woman who is a convert to Judaism. Tori Avey. Look her up, she's a lot of fun. We had applesauce with our latkes, too! I didn't happen to have any sour cream, so we didn't have that part of the traditional meal as well, but it was a start.

And who am I try to kid about being authentic ?  We had Spam to balance off the meal! After all, we are not Jewish, just Mormons enjoying a bit of Jewish culture. A very small bit. ;-)
All photos are from Tori Avey's blog.

How to Make Perfect Crispy Latkes Every Time - Helpful Tips and Recipes for the Hanukkah Holiday on!

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