Sunday, January 1, 2017

Logan Michael Liebhardt, Blessing Day

 These aren't in order, but that weekend we did go out to eat on Friday evening and to see the lights on Temple Square. On Saturday afternoon we went ice skating, and on Sunday was the baby blessing and a nice brunch with lots of family afterwards at Nick and Kaylee's house.  Gail and Seth and Caroline and Jonathan got there on Saturday evening in time to play games and ring in the new year with us all before they and Damian's family left for their hotel rooms. Gayela joined us at the house on New Year's Eve as well. Mike and I and Eric and Grandma Liebhardt stayed with Nick and
Visiting and chatting on Saturday, awaiting the new year.
 Eric with Logan. Nick.
Hot Cocoa after ice skating.

Kaylee just worked and worked and fed us in large masses. She's a wonderful hostess.

 Damian with Logan. It's so hard (like almost impossible) to get a picture Damian NOT doing something weird with his eyes or mouth.
It was cold. Very.  Thick inversion most of the time, icy fog. LOTS of coats and jackets and sweaters hanging up and lots of shoes and boots all over the entry way floor.

Visiting Sunday after church.

Kaylee's sisters - in - law and nephews


Mike and his Mom

 Eric with Logan, Gail.
 Me and Logan.
 The frozen fog on the trees all over the valley was so beautiful.
 Damian, Tandy, Alexa, Braeden, Ella.

 Kaylee with Logan on Sunday afternoon. He did so well, considering how many people were around.
 A pile of cousins on the bean bag chair.
 Braeden and Rachel watching a video.

 Nick and Kaylee's family. Rachel, age 2; Logan, age 3 months.

 Eric and Seth being silly.
 Gail and Seth.
 Gail and Seth, Caroline, Jonathan.
 Mike's sister, Gayela, and their Mom, Berenice.

 In Nick and Kaylee's backyard (above)

At Temple Square on Friday evening after seeing the lights. We were waiting for Mike to come and pick us up while the temple spires peeked over the wall through frozen fog and frosted garlands.

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