Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Blossoms

We have a lot of blooming trees in the neighborhood that I have been REEEALLY enjoying.  Even though my eyes are a bit red, burnie and itchy.
Also, Spring is not here to stay. I'm guessing we'll have at least three more snows before winter really ends.  At Least.  So, we probably won't really enjoy any fruit from our trees this year, but you can never tell.

This is in my backyard. The white on the ground is apricot blossoms that have blown off the neighbor's trees that are ALL White and in full bloom.

These are little jonquils by the back fence, struggling up through the trashy leaves from old junk I never got cleaned up in the Fall. It's good that they are so hardy and forgiving.

We have a fairly young plum shrub in our back yard. It's blooming. Last year we got about 20 plums off it it.

Periwinkles (?) under the apple tree. Again, struggling up through all the dead, trashy stuff.

Grape Hyacinths that are blooming through our very weedy grass.

Now THESE are hyacinths!  They live down the block on the corner and are so pretty every year, contrasting with the bright red tulips early in the spring. In later spring there are HUGE Peonies, and summer brings roses! These people have a great yard.

More pretty pink blossoms on the way home from work today.

This is somehow skewed. The phone pole really is straight, but the willow behind it is quite lovely, all decked out in the new spring-y colors.

Another pretty shrub on my way home.

Apricot blossoms. On my way home.

A flowering something tree in my friends' front yard. On the way home today.

Beautiful forsythia on the way home.

And this lovely flowering (non-fruit-bearing) pear tree is right where I park my bike every day. It is gorgeous. I don't think many bees are out yet, as it is sometimes just a - buzzin' when in full bloom like this.  So pretty.!!  Love my Town.

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