Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Laundry room

Ceiling and duct work

I wish I would have thought to take some photos BEFORE I got knee deep in doing two weeks of laundry last night, and
I do not have a "before" picture of the laundry room, but the ceiling wasn't all the way finished, the duct-work was un-painted, there was only a bare bulb for a light fixture, the pocket door didn't have a handle, there was just scrap carpet on the cement floor, the storage room door was not painted or cased, the shelf above washer/dryer was small and unpainted and the electrical box had no cover.

Electrical box covered. That is a new dryer AND a new hot water heater. Yep, the older one went out while Mike was out of the country fishing in Canada May/June.

The door to storage room  is cased, as is the pocket door. The pocket door is not really IN a pocket, so I guess it's just a sliding door.  Before, the framing was exposed, but now it's enclosed and completed. The flooring is vinyl that looks like light wood.

 The walls have been textured and painted with contrasting white trim.
 An actual light fixture is now on the ceiling and the duct work is painted
The shelf over the appliances is a bit larger and is now painted.
Unpainted and textured drywall patch.

The sliding door has a handle on it now. There is a threshold on the floor between vinyl and carpet in the hall.  And the door is painted. There is still one missing part to this, and that is the bracket that holds the door on its "track". There is really only one track and it is wheels hanging from the top and swings freely at the bottom. It needs a bracket down at the base to hold the door and keep it perpendicular to the floor and not be able to be pushed sideways (like by passing grandkids who don't know how to open the door and just PUSH.)

The other thing that is lacking is OUTside of the laundry room, and it is a one square foot of drywall patch above and to the left of the door.

Overall, though? I really like it. I need to find a wastebasket and may push for a shower curtain rod to span the width so I can hang hangers, but so far Eric's IKEA drying rack is okay. I used to hang hangars on the frame of the sliding door, but can't do that any longer because the door is now all finished . YAY!


Donna said...

Very nice!

Donna said...

Looks great!

Kaylee said...

It looks great! I'm so glad it's finished for you!