Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tahoe the Beautiful

We went to Reno this past weekend plus a few days. Silly me, I never even thought to take a picture of Katie and Casey while we were there. We did have a nice time with Katie on Saturday evening. Casey worked late, so we didn't see much of him. Katie showed us her downtown bicycle beat and we met her partner who was on duty (she was OFF duty and got to spend time with her parents and little brother!). The River Walk in Reno is beautiful. Lots of water features and statues, fountains, etc. We went to church on Sunday with Katie and then after watching an afternoon movie (and Katie napped through it), Mike and Eric and I headed over to Lake Tahoe to check into our hotel. It was very "lodge" looking with log furniture, etc. The pool was great!
Mike and I went to hear the time share presentation on Monday morning while Eric slept in and ate, then we had a bite to eat and went to Zypher Beach to paddle around in a canoe for a while. It got kind of rough and nearly tipped us over! Back at the hotel, we swam in the pool and relaxed.
Tuesday, the three of us headed over to the South West side and visited the Forest Service visitor's center, saw a really cool fish chamber viewing thing like an aquarium. We wandered through some historic sites that are either restored or in the process of being restored. Playgrounds of the rich and famous who were some of the first to recreate in Tahoe during the summers. Beautiful places! We drove on in the afternoon towards Emerald Bay and took in those historic sites and nature and beauty, too. It was a mile hike down into the shore of Emerald Bay, but Mike did it--sore knees and all. Eric and I left him waiting while we went on another shorter hike to see Cascade Falls and Glacier Lake. It was all so beautiful and green and pretty. We only saw one small area of forest that was burned, but it was VERY close to the town! Whew!
I'll attach pictures. Wish me luck. You can see them all at
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Donna's Word Doodles said...

VERY nice trip you had! I wish I could talk Butch into taking some of those type of freebie trips... he doesn't want to listen to the hard sell... I can say "no" easily enough... he can't!