Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's fall

It's fall here, too, and here is a picture of my apple tree out back. I had thought I did such a good pruning job in the spring. NOT! It's a big bush. And the garden and back yard are a mess, too. But someday we'll get around to cleaning. I mean, it takes so much time to update this blog all the time! ha.

Mike turned 54, uh, I mean 55. I actually put the wrong candles on the first time. Silly me. I did get it right the second time.

I had fun up north with Robert and family, too. Will try to find the pictures of the old Sorensen homes to share. I'm not really sure on the names, but will include the addresses.

And I'm enjoying the art class I've been taking. It takes a lot of time out of my week. Perhaps I can photograph a little painting I've done and post it, too? Its that too braggy? Zion overlook.

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Donna's Word Doodles said...

Love the painting... much better than the oils I did (I used them as Frisbee’s from the top of the dorms). Hind sight says I should have kept at least one to see if it was as horrid as I remember… wonder if Leslie still has the one she rescued from that fate? Hum…