Saturday, October 6, 2007

Salt Lake City Homes

The blue home is 436 South 13th East, SLC UT. I was told it was the Sorensen Home, where Bob lived with his folks, Aunt Blanche and Uncle Ollie and the Sorensen Grandparents (Virgil's father and mother)

The very dark green house is at 677 South 6th East, SLC, UT. I was told (by Mom) that this was the house that Virgil's Aunt Anna (Anne? Annie?) lived in. And then there's a couple of initials by my notes which I made 2 years ago when I visited Mom -- "M.S." I have no idea what that M.S. after the name Aunt Anna means. Any suggestions? I thought the "S" was probably Sorensen, but who knows. And I've heard of Annie, but I definitely wrote "Anna" in my address book. Weird.

The white house is the Coles' home at 618 8th Ave.

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