Sunday, October 14, 2007


Above is a picture of my house. It's hiding there, snuggled under the bright yellow leaves. Below you will see a picture of the beautiful view that greets Eric's eyes as he walks down the street to school each morning these days.

Fall is my favorite time of year. It's not the apples. (See previous post). It's the colorful leaves, the crisp and cool air. It's the contrast of the bright blue sky against the complementary oranges, yellows and reds. And It's the crunchy leaves under foot and under tires of my bike. I go out of my way to crunchy piles just to hear them. I love the beautiful fall wreath I frequently take the time to make during these fleeting months. Fall is definitely the best time of year. Mike and I were married in the Fall, we spent our honeymoon up in the colorful High Uintah Mountains. I also like Halloween because of the candy and chocolate. What's not to like about fall? The pressure of Christmas coming all-too-soon? Maybe. But I'm great about forgetting about stressful things like that. I just crunch on through the leaves, laughing and smiling all the way.

How would you like to come with me on my ride to work each day? Here's a photo essay of my daily commute.

Overhanging trees just seem to embrace you has you travel down the street.

These are greeting me at the back door entrance of my library.

The flags were still this morning. The are usually blowing in the breeze. I just love the contrast with the heather-y bushes and red rock in the planter below the flag poles with the striking tree in the background.
The view above and the view below are both of 700 west, two different blocks. It's my main thoroughfare and a really pretty ride.

And finally, below is the beautiful view that greets us as we walk out of our house and towards the street to face the day. What's not to like? The sunny yellow cheer can start anyone's day on a brighter note. Hope it did just that for you!


Donna's Word Doodles said...

LOVE the yellow canopy as you walk out your front door.. I need to plant more trees with color this year. I have my maples, but they're not the RED maples I wanted - they turn yellow. Sigh. I do have the volunteer pecan tree... but it's not changing. There is now a volunteer oak in the front too. It's a bit too close to the house for my taste, but I may let it stay, just for the color!

Hali Nielsen said...

Super cute!

Amy Dianne said...

Goodness! I didn't know everyone and their librarian had a blog on blogger! Thanks, Linda. I really apreciated the comment. I'm thinking of posting my big ole 16-page short story soon, but we'll see. I love the walk to/from our library, too! I want a digital camera, and then I could capture the beauty myself. :D