Monday, February 4, 2008

Baby Ella

San Diego, CA

We traveled to San Diego this past weekend to visit Damian and Tandy and family. Ella was going to be blessed! Happy occasion. Gail, Seth and Caroline also were able to travel down there.

We're still waiting for car parts from the LAST California trip (well, the one in October--we've gone there one other time since then) so we got a rental from Enterprise. It's a better deal than driving a gas hog truck down there. Mike and I left Friday Feb 1 around 4 p.m. with Caroline and Eric; Seth and Gail left closer to 5:30 with Nick (who had class until 5). We got to California about 11 their time, midnight ours. Not too bad. We don't all fit in one car, plus we're coming home different days.

Saturday was a play day. We went to the park. Tandy's camera has all those pictures. Nick played lacing games with his nieces and nephew. Mike relaxed. Damian and Tandy went grocery shopping with NO KIDS! That was an unusual occasion. Gail and Seth spent Friday and Saturday night at Aaron and Penny's house. (That's Seth's brother who is in law school in San Diego.) They took Eric and went sight-seeing at Coronado on Saturday afternoon. Gail's camera would have pictures from that trip. They actually had sunshine! It was cloudy and cool at their house.

By the time you bathe 3 or four kids
and put all the toys away, the night is done. ha. Saturday night late, Lexi surprised us by throwing up all over her bed. Ugh. Poor Damian and Tandy. Mike helped out a little.

Then Sunday morning Tandy woke up quite ill. Same bug? We don't know. She felt AWFUL! So awful that going to churc
h to have the baby blessed was out of the question. Damian went down to their ward and made arrangements for the family to gather at their home for the baby blessing. A member of the bishopric was there, too. All the family members who were supposed to be there, were. One family friend came by, too. It was nice. We took pictures of kids. All my grandchildren in one spot! Pam and her family went to church for Sacrament meeting, but the rest of us just couldn't get our acts together, so we fed the kids and kept them happy. And the Sacrament would have been over by the time we got there, anyway.

Waiting for the last arrivals at D & T's House

AND, Lexi really WAS sick! She threw up again after eating her lunch. What a day. It took Damian close to an hour to clean Lexi, himself, and the bathroom. What a site! Eric's description was quite vivid (not going to post it--too visual for words), but Damian did say, "I've never seen so much puke from a sober person." ha. And Lexi's so little. Poor gal. I cleaned her, the stairs, and tucked her into bed with her sick Mommy. Tandy totally missed the party she planned.

This is what Tandy REALLY Felt like ! Poor Tandy

It rained all day Sunday and we headed home to Cedar City after saying goodbye to the poor sick people. Pam is staying another day, so Tandy will have help with the kids, thankfully.

But Baby Ella received her baby blessing, we made it home through snow and ice (IN ST. GEORG
E!) the last 50 miles. All was well at home. And Nick even made it to California and back--no unforseen incidents ;-) A happy day, we'd say.

Except for Tandy. GET WELL SOON, Sweetie!


Donna's Word Doodles said...

Tandy's going to kill you for the crying picture! I looked at it twice and was wondering if she was crying for joy, or if she was gettin ready to hurl down the stairs. ewh!

Sorry that everyone was sick. Hope you didn't get it as well!

Hali said...

Glad you made it home without any unforseen incidents. :)

Ella is absolutely beautiful.

Suzanne said...

Hey! I didn't know you have a blog. You can run, but you can't hide! :-) Hope everyone is well by now.