Sunday, March 2, 2008

President's Day

Happy Presidents' Day last month. I'd post the picture of Abe with his birthday hat on, but I think it was deleted from our computer when it was wiped clean.
But here's some new photos to see of our hike in "Little Babylon" in Washington county

Most of the photos you'll see below are taken looking south and east. This one is taken looking WEST toward the snow-covered Pine Valley Mountains.

This is Rob taking a picture. We'd just barely started on the hike. It's a gorgeous area, just east of Leeds, Utah.

Don't you think that red rock on the left looks kind of like the petrified cockpit of the space shuttle or a jet?

I like this shot because you can see where the kids are heading and how big that hill is. Robert has a zoomed in shot of it, and we both have movies of them running down the sand hill. You'll have to click on the picture and hope it opens up big so you can see the specks that are our children climbing up the rocky slope to the top
of the hill. We told them to "GET DOWN!!" Kind of scarey.

Here's the whole group of us in front of the Sand Arch. You should have seen us trying to set the timers on our cameras, lying on the red rocks and sand, then dashing to have our pictures taken. Silly us.

The "Sand Arch" is actually a double arch. The kids are peeking through the second arch that goes under one of the sides of the BIG arch. Some more big blowey storms and the hole might be covered up eventually.

It's always so much fun to have Robert and Janet and their family come to our place for the Presidents' Day weekend. The hike we went on was actually a hike we went on about 10 years ago! But it was all like new to us. I found the pictures I have in my album from that time, but don't think I can scan them and get them posted.
Here's a photo of us enjoying our lunch together after the hike.


Hali said...

Awww...warm weather and clear skies! Looks like fun!

It's also nice to see that someone else has little brothers that tower over them too ;).

Donna said...

Elizabeth voted that the "shuttle" looked more like a boat. I have to agree... can you tell we're "water" people? Ha!
(SHE boobed because SHE wanted to be there for the SNOW - burrrrr sick, sick girl!)

Linda Liebhardt said...

Donna, next year for President's day, send Elizabeth out. We'll take her hiking with us. Or maybe we'll choose a snow activity day. Sometimes we have gone tubing for President's day weekend.

Suzanne said...

Actually, I think the "Shuttle" looks more like a frog or alligator. Looks like you had a great time! Those are some beautiful pics too. :-)