Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun Run

Whoever named these "Fun Runs" must have liked running or something. Some of us just DON'T! So why do we do it? Why, for the medals and door prize drawings, of course~ and the T-shirts! ha.

Eric and I and various other family members and friends have been participants in the local ROTC Run, Walk or Get Out of the Way Fun Run (Real name: "Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way")for several years now. Nick and Katie came last year. Katie ran and Nick was the "official" photographer for our family. My friend, Nancy, has run with me before. Eric's gone with other friends. This year I was the only one with a camera while Eric and I ran. We (well, I did) won medals. I got first place in my age category. The kids keep telling me, "Mom, you don't HAVE to tell them there were only two in your age category!" ha ha. Well, there were, but I WAS first. =) And it's not the first time I've medaled--it's the age thing.

This year a few of Eric's friends and fellow cross country runners came. Can you tell it was COLD that morning? Yikes. One of Eric's friends fell and cut up her knee pretty badly on the first lap of our twice around the campus 5K run, but after a less-than-a-minute time out, she finished~and won second place in her age category! Way to go, Venice! There is a picture of Eric being a supportive friend. He actually took LOTS of gory pictures of her damaged knee. I'll spare you the details. We had to document it for her family who couldn't be there! Hers was the only injury.

Here's a nice shot of Eric stretching before the race. That kid is VERY limber!

Our best door prize was dinner for two at the Garden House Restaurant here in Cedar. I won it, but since Venice won ZERO door prizes, I gave it to Eric and he and Venice and Venice's sister all went out to eat together and had a fun time. The Jardine family has kind of adopted Eric as one of their other children. At least, that is what ERIC tells me! The Mom was one of his first violin teachers. Nice folks.

Claiming my medal. They had them made up this year to look like dog tags--appropriate for an Army Race, yes?

Till next year! Come and join us.


Suzanne said...

You are so active! And you don't think anything of it. You just get involved in such great things. I'm so impressed! Wish I liked stuff like that. Nope. The thought of running makes me want to throw up. I'll only run if it's TOWARDS food. :-)

Donna said...

I have found that with Yoga I am very limber still.. if it wasn't for the FAT I could bend in a lot of different ways... but I have zippo strength anymore! I also have zippo balance too. Oh, well, maybe doing this will help in that area!

Hali said...

Yay for you! I'm not at all surprised, but I am seriously impressed :)