Monday, April 21, 2008

Field Trip

April 18 and 19 I chaperoned Eric's High School Orchestra field trip to Provo and Salt Lake. We went to a workshop at BYU and those kids were treated to a really cool session of instructions from a well-known conductor (Kory Katseanas), then they watched a rehearsal. Went to a Mall in SLC, ate out, attended the Utah Symphony concert in Abravanel hall on Friday evening.

And the fun stuff started the next day when we went to LAGOON! It's a theme park in Farmington, Utah. I hadn't been in years, and there were new roller coasters. So we rode and rode and rode. There were no crowds, so we could just walk right on the rides some of the time. THAT was fun. I don't have pictures of roller coasters, but I have a few shots of Eric and his friends. I also don't have a picture of us AFTER we rode the wettest ride in the park. I don't have a record of me looking like a drowned rat because on the "Cliff Hanger" I got water in my ears, up my nose. . .I may as well have gone swimming! I went into a bathroom and RUNG OUT all my clothing over the toilet. Honest-- ALL my clothing. It was ridiculous. Eric apologized all over for making me ride it with him. "I'm so sorry, Mom!" he kept screaming through the streams of water running down his face on the ride. ha. Yeah, well. We dried eventually.

Eric and I still love roller coasters, and since they go fast, they helped us dry off. The air quality left much to be desired. On our drive home along the Wasatch front, we could not see the mountains at all through all the dust and particles in the air. It was way windy and way bad air quality. Mostly just dust. We were so gritty. The air cleared up in the central part of the state. But driving along the freeway and NOT being able to see mountains is really weird. That might be the case during a snow storm, but this was not snow or anything wet--just dry dust and guck blowing through the valleys.

And we were exhausted when we got home. But a fun time was had by all. Eric even had enough energy to attend the Junior Prom at his school that night! He left Lagoon a little earlier than the rest of us and got home in time for that. I stayed and rode the bus home with the rest of the chaperones. It was a bus full of some really nice kids.

Show us your wettest side! And we thought we looked wet after riding "Rattle Snake Rapids." I don't think so! Can you tell I was trying hard to take a quick pix of the 8 of us in the raft before things started getting wet so I could my camera quickly away in my purse. This was before the Cliff Hanger fiasco.


Suzanne said...

Well, it's about time we got an update on you! You're such a good sport. I never would have gone on a ride that would get me that wet. I'll bet those kids just loved you!!!

Donna said...

Burrr is all I have to say! I should have had a camera when we got dad on one of those rafting things. He laughed SO hard at my butt getting wet around a corner... then when we went under the waterfall - HE was right under it... he was DRENCHED - his hanky was even wet - he couldn't even dry off his glasses.... I still chuckle at that one. Wonder if I have a picture of it somewhere... ha!

Monica Jackman said...

What a good sport you are to go on those rides at lagoon. I refused to go on the cliff hanger. So even though you got wet you are more fun than me! Tell those at the library who would remember me that I say hello! See ya later.

Erin said...

Well, I think we should invest in a ceiling fan for the library! :) Work is going really well. I love it out here. Of course I haven't seen any giant bugs so. . . How is your summer going? How's Cedar City?